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The little actions we take today will hasten the day when the culture of life is fully embraced

by | Dec 14, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

It seems to happen every Sunday when I attend church. At some point during the service, a baby’s cry echoes through the building. Sometimes, it is a chorus of cries from multiple little ones.

And in that moment, when I hear that cry, I give silent thanks. I thank God that another human being has been spared from the scourge of abortion. I am thankful that a mother has been spared the anguish of losing her own offspring to a cruel, violent act. I am grateful that a father has not had to shoulder the grief of lost fatherhood.

It is quite extraordinary—and disheartening—how abortion has seeped into so many facets of our culture. Comedians joke about it; public officials defend it; our economy suffers because of it. It is hard to fathom that America has dealt with the diabolical nature of abortion for nearly a half-century.

And yet, death never has the final say. 

Many courageous women wounded by abortion are speaking up about their emotional pain, hoping to prevent other women from suffering a similar fate. The Pro-Life Generation is taking to a prayerful, humble witness in an effort to dissuade women from making a tragic decision which will have repercussions for generations. Inspirational office-holders…many of them women…are pushing for legislation to provide further protections for preborn babies and their mothers.

The abortion regime will eventually collapse of its own weight. A pro-life society will be rebuilt, and that devastating yearly toll of nearly 900,000 legal abortions will be no more. 

The little actions we take today—lobbying our lawmakers, volunteering at pregnancy care centers, providing diapers and day care to women in need—will hasten the day when the culture of life is fully embraced. The darkness of abortion can never overcome the light of the pro-life movement, which only grows stronger with each passing decade.  

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