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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

by | Dec 8, 2021

By Carol Tobias

Editor’s note. This column, written by NRL President Carol Tobias, appeared on page three of the December edition of National Right to Life News. Please share widely—with your pro-life family and friends and anyone else who loves children.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.
With the kids jingle belling,
And everyone telling you,
“Be of good cheer,”
It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Did you find yourself singing along with the lyrics? I fell in love with this upbeat Christmas song listening to Andy Williams albums, but maybe you’re familiar with it because of Amy Grant, Toni Braxton, Johnny Mathis, Pentatonix, or numerous other artists.

Because of recent events, I strongly suspect pro-lifers are thinking that this is, indeed, “the most wonderful time of the year”– for more reasons than just Christmas!

The Texas law which protects unborn children after a heartbeat can be detected has not (yet) been enjoined by the courts. The oral arguments heard by the Supreme Court in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization were very encouraging. The Mississippi law under review in this case protects preborn children after 15 weeks gestation.

Some of the justices seemed to question whether “viability” is a viable standard for determining when these little ones may have their life ended for any reason. Several justices seemed receptive to the appeal from Mississippi that the Court just outright reverse Roe v Wade.

The pro-life movement is cautiously optimistic about the future of unborn children in our country.

We certainly don’t know what the Court will do. It could strike the Mississippi law. It could uphold the law, which would encourage other states to pass similar laws. The Court could fully overturn Roe v Wade, thereby allowing legislators in each state, elected by the people, to determine what their state law will be, resulting in many unborn children being protected from abortion. Or the Court could try to find some so-called “middle ground.”

Even if they do the worst, we will keep fighting because protecting vulnerable little babies is the right thing to do.

If the justices do change the standard for what is constitutional in their eyes–allowing states to protect unborn children, either fully or with more limiting measures–there will be much thunder and condemnation from the abortion industry and its advocates.

They will make a lot of noise and do everything they can to generate activity in the 2022 elections– from Senators and Representatives, to governors, attorneys general, and state legislators.

We need to be prepared.

For example, does your neighbor know that Roe v Wade, along with the health exception in its companion case, Doe v Bolton, essentially allows abortion for all nine months of pregnancy? If they understand that, they will be more likely to support a positive, pro-life decision from the Court.

Do your friends know that the end-game for abortion leaders, including those in the Democrat party, is to remove any and all limits on abortion–and to have taxpayers paying for abortion?

Are your pro-life candidates prepared for the onslaught of vile ads that will be run against them? They will be accused of being cruel and heartless, disregarding the plight of women who “need” an abortion in the most distressing and rare circumstances.

Our opponents are willing to kill innocent little human beings; they certainly won’t hesitate to make exaggerated claims (i.e., lie) about candidates. They will do this and whatever else they need to do to win elections.

We need to be ready for whatever the abortion industry throws at us. However, I believe we have gained the knowledge and experience necessary to overcome whatever that may be. For 50 years, National Right to Life, its affiliates, chapters and volunteers, have been electing pro-life candidates and passing pro-life laws.

We’ve been hungry for an opportunity to protect more children than ever before. We are ready for the challenge.

During this Christmas season–for pro-lifers–Christmas lights will look a little brighter. Christmas carols will sound a little sweeter. And the laughter of children will sound a bit more joyous.

This is the most wonderful time of the year. We celebrate a Savior who came to earth as a baby, sacrificing Himself so we may spend eternity with the Father who loves us. That is the best reason to be of “good cheer.” But hoping for a change in our laws so that we can protect innocent babies is a good second reason for good cheer!

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