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What would the abortion policy of the U.S. be like, if the evening news broadcast the death toll from that day’s abortions?

by | Dec 21, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Each day around noon, I receive an alert on my cell phone. The announcement comes courtesy of a local television station, which reports the number of Coronavirus cases that day in my state, along with the overall death toll from the vicious virus.

It is a somber way to mark the middle of the day—a solemn reminder of the fragility of life…the deadly dangers of the pandemic…and the overwhelming toll the disease has taken on Pennsylvania.

When I tune into cable television news, I often see the national and worldwide COVID-19 case counts. It is like a stock market image—only in this case, a sharp rise is not good news. I grimly peruse the stats, knowing that behind each statistic is a precious human being who has fallen victim to the Corona monster. Each individual had a name, an identity, and a family of origin. Each person was precious in the eyes of the Almighty Father.

Research indicates that even people who are not accustomed to prayer are praying for an end to the pandemic. The immense tragedy has grabbed hold of their hearts, and they want the suffering to come to a merciful close.

The media attention makes me wonder: What would the abortion policy of the U.S. be like, if the evening news broadcast the death toll from that day’s abortions?

I would hazard a guess that most Americans do not realize just how high the casualty count is from legal abortion. In Pennsylvania alone, more than 30,000 abortions occur in a single year. Across the nation, abortions number 900,000 annually.

Those are staggering figures, and they illustrate the tremendous devastation abortion has caused across our country and in our local communities. For the babies are not the only victims. There are also the mothers, who must grieve children lost to abortion, and fathers, who mourn their lost fatherhood.

There are brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers—all left with a chasm in their families and a hole in their hearts. What makes the situation even more painful is that each of these deaths is entirely preventable.

In the time it took you to read this article, countless babies have died from abortion in our nation. In tribute to them—and to the families they left behind—let us work even harder for an end to Roe v. WadeWe need no vaccine to end this scourge—just a decision by the Justices of the Supreme Court to give every baby a chance at life.