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Wow. CNN Forced to Admit Joe Biden’s Crumbling Approval Ratings

by | Dec 17, 2021

By Kevin Tober 

You know Joe Biden’s approval ratings are bad when even leftist media outlets like CNN are talking about it. Eventually, the news gets bad enough and becomes so blatantly obvious that the media are guilted into reporting on stories that they would otherwise sweep under the rug.

This was one of those examples. On Wednesday afternoon’s CNN Newsroom, co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell brought on CNN political director David Chalian to discuss the network’s poll showing Biden’s approval rating crashing to new lows. In other words, it’s an assignment few at CNN would ever want to deliver.

Chalian dissected the results of the poll with stunning candor for CNN: 

16% say they approve strongly, but more than double that, 34%, say they disapprove strongly. So the intensity is on the side of those who disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president and that, as you know, intensity can be a driving force in American politics. That is a bit of a warning sign. I would note, 33% of Democrats, only a third of his home team, approve strongly. So that passion issue is something they have to work on. 

Perhaps showing how out of touch he and his fellow journos are, Chalian seemed stunned at the supermajority of Americans that disapprove of Biden’s stewardship of the economy: 

We asked folks is, are these various things a major problem or a minor problem in the economy. 80%, major problem rising food costs. 79% say the supply disruption is a major problem. 77% say housing costs. I mean, these are huge majorities that are agreeing that these problems are major in today’s economy and if you look at how Biden is seen on the economy, take a look here, guys. We tested his approval rating on a whole bunch of issues. Only coronavirus does he have majority support. 54% approval. Everything else he’s underwater and helping the middle class and the economy, the things he ran on basically, he’s at 45% approval, majorities disapprove.

Chalian has come a long way from his infamous comments on the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration in which he gushed about how the lights at the Lincoln Memorial to commemorate the American’s who died of COVID were “almost extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America!”

We won’t give CNN too much credit as you could tell how uncomfortable Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell were the entire time. Throughout the segment, it was clear how they desperately wanted some good news for Biden.

Camerota hoped to glean some historical context, wondering if other presidents were in a similarly bad position. According to Chalian, her only consolation was that the only President who had a lower approval at this point was Donald Trump: “We know what happened in Donald Trump’s first midterms in 2018. The Republicans got walloped. This is the concern Democrats have and why they’d like to see Biden boost his numbers in the weeks and months ahead before people head to the polls next fall.”

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