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Counselor at pregnancy center talks about women’s post-abortion trauma

by | Jan 10, 2022

By Sarah Terzo

Sally Thompson, who works at a pregnancy resource center counseling abortion-minded women and post-abortive women:

I would sometimes ask my clients to explain to me what an abortion is. I always heard, “It’s terminating a pregnancy, it’s killing or murdering a baby.” Those are harsh words but revealing answers. If it has a heartbeat, it’s alive, and if we do anything to make that heartbeat stop, it’s death.

Some women who have had abortions think because they willfully walked into the abortion clinic and asked for the abortion, it’s called murder. Some have even said, “I killed my baby.”

What makes it so hard for women who have had abortions is that one day reality will set in.

Getting the revelation that you chose to bring death to your child and family member can take years to digest… The support of others is much needed because, like many women, when reality hits it is devastating.

Many women have stated they stayed in domestic violence situations because they thought they deserved to be there after an abortion. Others believed God was punishing them for having an abortion. Having an abortion is very traumatizing for women.

Sally Thompson and LaQuita Maxey, The Aftermath: Stories of God’s Grace and Freedom after Abortion (Storytellers, LLC, 2021) p.10. 

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