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Did Gallup End ‘Most Admired’ 74-Year Polling Tradition to Avoid Trump Placing First?

by | Jan 3, 2022

By Brad Wilmouth

Frequent consumers of news may be aware of Gallup’s annual poll measuring the “most admired man” in America which is typically announced a few days before New Year’s.

The poll was done yearly from 1946 through 2020, with 1976 the only year that was skipped.

NewsBusters pointed out a year ago that liberal news media lost interest in the annual poll after Donald Trump started edging out Barack Obama for first place, whereas the networks previously enjoyed using the survey to embarrassing Trump as sitting President failing to come in first place.

This year, a Google search conspicuously shows no sign that Gallup conducted such a poll for the past year, possibly because they couldn’t stand that thought having to report what likely would have been Trump coming in first again this year…

The poll story has typically just hyped the first place finisher (even if it’s typically less than 20 percent), so Obama and President Joe Biden would likely have split the Democratic vote between them like last year, making it unlikely either would come in first place.

If that is indeed why Gallup has not released such a poll this year, it says something that one of the most prominent polling firms cited by the dominant media is so biased that they would choose not to do a poll, and break a 74-year tradition, if they expect not to approve of the results politically.

The last time Obama unequivocally came in first place was at the end of 2018, leading to coverage on ABC’s Good Morning AmericaCBS This Morning, the CBS Evening News, and the NBC Nightly News.

CNN’s flagship morning show, New Day, also carried it, as did CNN Tonight with Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper 360. When Trump tied Obama in 2019, those same shows ignored it, although NBC’s Today did cover it.

But last year, when Trump pushed Obama to second place, those same shows all ignored it.

Back in 2015 on NBC’s Today, correspondent Hallie Jackson notably snarked about Trump not wanting to highlight his loss to Obama as she sought to use the poll to embarrass the Republican presidential frontrunner:

Donald Trump loves talking about his poll numbers, but there’s one poll he hasn’t mentioned yet — a new one from Gallup showing him in second place for the title of most admired man in the world, tied with Pope Francis, Savannah. Number one on the list, by the way, President Obama.

Last year, Fox & Friends was the only morning show to cover the result. Jillian Mele recalled:

A Gallup poll finds President Trump to be the most admired man of 2020 — 18 percent of Americans naming him as their pick, ending Barack Obama’s 12-year run. He, by the way, got 15 percent of the vote. Broken down by party, 48 percent of Republicans named President Trump their most admired man, compared to just 13 percent of Democrats naming Joe Biden.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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