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Halfway there with fact #20!

by | Jan 10, 2022

Week 20: Since 1973, the advancement of the medical field has seen astronomical improvements. Children at 20 weeks in the womb could not be seen as clear as day as in this picture. This is a human being living inside the womb at 20 weeks gestation. The difference between this child and another outside of the mother? Location. This child, at 20 weeks, can feel pain. Because of medical advancements, this child can possibly live outside the womb. This is not “junk science” like the abortion lobby would have you believe. See

At 20 weeks, the cochlea (frequency analyzer of the ear) converts sound waves into electrical impulses which then are communicated to the brain. The cochlea is at adult size within the fully developed ear. Because of this, the baby can now respond to a plethora of sounds (the baby can hear the mother’s heartbeat!). All skin layers are present, including hair follicles and glands, which means that hair can begin to grow on the scalp.

The child is fully formed now and from this point on will be measured from head to toe. The baby is about the size of a banana! 🍌


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