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Here’s to making 2022 the Year of the Unborn Child!

by | Jan 4, 2022

By Maria V. Gallagher

Legislative/PAC Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

2022 will be a busy year in politics in Pennsylvania.

More than a dozen candidates are running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by pro-life Republican Senator Pat Toomey. A number of political analysts have said that the contest will be among the closest-watched races in the country and could decide which party controls the Senate.

In the meantime, more than a dozen other candidates are vying for the Pennsylvania Governor’s office. Because of term limits, pro-abortion Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is not running for re-election. The Republican field is hotly competitive, but only one Democratic candidate has emerged—pro-abortion state Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

In addition, Pennsylvanians will elect representatives to Congress, to the state House of Representatives, and to one-half of the state Senate. Party control of the U.S. House, along with the state legislature, will be determined by these critical races.

Currently, Republicans control both the state House and Senate, and bipartisan pro-life majorities control both chambers. If Pennsylvania can elect a pro-life Governor and if pro-life members maintain control of the state legislature, the Keystone State could resume enacting protective legislation that would benefit preborn babies and their mothers.

While the Pennsylvania  state legislature has passed a number of pro-life bills in recent years, Governor Wolf’s veto pen has prevented their enactment. Pennsylvania’s abortion totals would be lower, were it not for this bureaucratic logjam. 

To discover more about Pennsylvania’s pro-life laws and how you can become part of our grassroots activist network, please visit the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation website at

Here’s to making 2022 the Year of the Unborn Child!