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“Miracles walking among us” – Abortion Pill Rescue up to 3K lives saved

by | Jan 12, 2022

By Lisa Bourne

Despite big tech suppression and ongoing abortion industry opposition, the worldwide network that offers treatment to reverse chemical abortion is celebrating 3,000 lives saved.

Heartbeat International, which manages the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN), announced the milestone last Thursday.

“Each of these children are miracles walking among us!” said Christa Brown, director of Medical Impact for Heartbeat International.

Brown is integrally involved in the daily operations of the APRN and regularly sees the human impact of Abortion Pill Reversal (APR). She told Pregnancy Help News that she was overwhelmed with gratitude for every single life among those 3,000-plus babies saved and for every single mom who was given a second chance at life with their child by successfully reversing their chemical abortion. 

“It’s extraordinary that each of these 3,000 thriving children were once counted as an abortion statistic,” Brown said. “Fast forward to today and each of these children is now irreplaceable in their communities and families.”

Chemical abortion, also known as medical abortion, medication abortion, or the abortion pill, is a two-drug process. The first drug, mifepristone, blocks the progesterone in the pregnant woman’s body. The second drug, misoprostol, taken a day or so later, causes her to go into labor to deliver her deceased child.

Abortion Pill Reversal is an updated application of a treatment used since the 1950’s to prevent miscarriage. It involves prescribing progesterone, the natural hormone in a mother’s body that sustains pregnancy, to counter the first drug in the chemical abortion regimen.

The APRN is an international network of approximately 1,000 medical providers and pregnancy help organizations that administer APR. The Network hotline continually hears from women each day who have taken the first abortion drug and experience regret.

If a woman acts quickly enough after taking the first abortion pill, it may be possible to reverse the chemical abortion and save her child. 

“The APR Hotline offers a quick connection to a nurse advocate during a most challenging time for these moms,” said Brown. “We are available to them during their time of need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Abortion proponents work to defame the APR protocol with misrepresented study results and flawed claims of junk science, despite review and studies having shown the protocol is safe and effective. These efforts have been in the media, statehouses and the courts, and on social media, with the most recent being tech giant Google suppressing ads for APR.

This pro-abortion pushback disregards the many documented lives saved and the grateful mothers of those children – each one with their own story.

“Every single abortion pill reversal is a redemptive gift that is to be celebrated,” said Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International. “Three thousand babies saved from abortion is a new milestone for the miracle of life, the power of medicine, and the positive work of everyone involved in the APR Network.”

That Abortion Pill Reversal occurs and is successful in saving lives runs counter to the abortion industry narrative that women need abortion – and demonstrates that a woman can regret her abortion. The protocol also represents the antidote to fast-growing chemical abortion, which, legal and not, is on the verge of becoming the most common form of abortion in the U.S., as its apologists continue to push for increased access and deregulation

“As a new era of accessibility to chemical abortion lures women into a decision they really don’t want, the Abortion Pill Rescue Network is all the more important,” Godsey said.

Brown told Pregnancy Help News that current estimates are that at least half of the 900,000 abortions in the U.S. each year are via medication, and there are likely more. 

“However, some of these children are alive today!” she said. 

Heartbeat International Vice President of Ministry Services Betty McDowell said the milestone of 3,000 lives saved via APR brings tears of joy to her eyes. 

“Thinking about the stories of these moms and their children – and their bright futures keeps me enthusiastic about our work,” said McDowell. 

“We are so clearly in a battle of good versus evil when it comes to the issue of helping a mom choose life for her child in her womb,” McDowell said. “Each of the 3,000 lives is a victory for good, a victory for life and a victory for hope. I’m so glad I get to serve in an organization where we celebrate 3,000 lives and counting …”

Every day women take the first abortion pill and realize that was not the path they wanted for themselves or their children, Brown said.

“They each had different reasons for choosing the abortion,” she told Pregnancy Help News. “However, each of these heroes chose to face the opposition and challenges head on and find the help they needed to continue their pregnancies.” 

If it were not for the courage of these mothers, Brown said, the diligent work of the APR hotline nursing team, the APR network of providers and pregnancy help clinics, the world would be missing so many children. And now thanks to the APRN, these children are here and can bring what they were meant to the world. 

“We rejoice with these families and love seeing these little ones grow,” Brown said, “from prenatal ultrasound pictures to newborn and toddler photos. We see their milestones – learning to walk, the first day of school and celebrating birthday after birthday.” 

“As we see these events unfold in these families,” she said, “it’s hard to imagine that all 3,000 children were actually taken back from the grips of abortion!”

Despite pro-abortion obstruction, women in need are finding the APRN, and many are successfully reversing their chemical abortion. The following are recent statements from APRN clients:

“The APR hotline itself and the doctor who prescribed the progesterone for me were absolutely phenomenal. What an incredible resource during such a tragic and painful time.”

“I cannot thank you all enough for hearing my cry for help and getting me in contact with a physician. I have a perfectly healthy 3-month-old daughter. She is amazing. More awareness needs to be made regarding the false information given about the abortion pill. There isn’t one thing wrong with my daughter.”

“I can’t believe how big he (and I!) are getting. We feel him kick now and it’s the most amazing feeling. We did a gender reveal a few weeks ago and found out we’re having a baby boy! I’m so thankful for the hotline and all the healthcare professionals that helped me through this journey. It hasn’t been easy, but I never once felt alone. The hotline professionals were amazing, they were swift and understanding and encouraging.”

“I can’t believe how lucky and blessed I am and every time I look at my baby, I can’t believe there was a time I was unsure. When I heard the heartbeat and saw them moving around in there and how much they’ve grown I was literally brought to tears. I can’t thank the APR team, all my friends and family and you amazing women for sharing your stories and giving us strength! There’s still a long road ahead but every day is a blessing ❤️.”

“I’ve been great, and I am now 5 months pregnant. I didn’t have any complications, everything was steady. I am very appreciative that you guys provided such a speedy service.”

“My experience with the hotline was great! The lady I spoke with was very compassionate and worked diligently to help me.” 

“I’m extremely happy to give you such good news. The reversal was an amazing success. I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful, baby boy!”

Editor’s note: Heartbeat International manages the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) and Pregnancy Help News where this appeared. Reposted with permission.