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Nurse Robin Tucker “loves” that she can deliver a baby…And then facilitate an online chemical abortion the same day

by | Jan 19, 2022

By Kevin Burke, LSW 

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.

MS Magazine shares a glowing profile of one of the new telemedicine abortion providers setting up shop across the nation since the recent removal of longstanding FDA restrictions on the abortion pill mifepristone.

Robin Tucker is a certified nurse practitioner. Service to her patients emphasizes “harm reduction, and trauma informed care.” (Keep in mind that part about trauma informed care as you read on.)

Tucker shares enthusiastically about her unique practice:

Robin Tucker: I have independent practice licenses in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Virginia just started allowing nurse practitioners to offer medication abortion services. I still practice part time at a hospital doing deliveries. I think it’s great to be able to do births and then get back online and do an abortion case. I love that. I love that balance.

When home becomes the abortion center

Many of Tucker’s online patients likely rationalize that chemical abortion merely initiates an early miscarriage. They are tempted to see the pills as an easier solution than a medical procedure at an abortion center. 

However the actual experience of the abortion pills can be a shocking and traumatic event. 

A woman shares her chemical abortion experience:

I was 6 weeks pregnant and after an extended period of severe cramping the child was delivered in our bathroom. My partner had to fish the tiny child out of the toilet.”

The father buried his tiny child in their backyard. He frequently visited the “grave site” as he struggled to process the grief and trauma of that event. 

They found significant emotional and spiritual healing by attending an abortion recovery program, Rachel’s Vineyard.  Still, they remain scarred by that abortion, individually, and as a couple.

Licensed Profession Counselor Cullen Herout shares:

If the locus of a negative abortion experience is a surgical center, it is easier to avoid triggers that might elicit negative thoughts or emotions…with a medical abortion, the locus of that trauma moves from a surgical center to the woman, or couple’s home… Sensory stimuli associated with the traumatic experience might trigger acute anxiety, disturbing mental images or other negative sensory flashbacks. 

Such symptoms will negatively impact a couple’s relationship over time. They can also impact the parenting of any living children. 

Nurse Tucker says she provides trauma informed care. If that is the case, why is she facilitating such a traumatic, at-home abortion experience for her online patients?  


Women and their partners need to understand the psychological risks of at-home abortions and the likely individual and relational impact of labor and delivery of early pregnancies in the home.  

Socialized to evil

Nurse Tucker loves the thrill of delivering a living baby into the world, followed by the excitement of facilitating a very painful chemical process that will in effect, starve a developing child to death.¹

It’s great – she loves that – she loves the balance.

Psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton interviewed 28 former Nazi doctors and Auschwitz prisoners who worked with the German medical staff. Dr Lifton described how the physicians rationalized their complicity in the death of millions of innocent men, women and children.

“These doctors had not killed anybody until they got to Auschwitz, so they weren’t extraordinary killers to start with. They were ordinary people who in that way were socialized to evil.” – Dr. Robert Lifton

-The following is a graphic depiction of one woman’s experience of chemical abortion from the movie Unplanned:

¹RU486 fills the chemical receptor sites normally reserved for progesterone, but does not transmit the progesterone signal. Failing to receive that signal, a woman’s body shuts down the preparation of the uterus…The child, deprived of necessary nutrients, starves to death. The baby detaches and is swept out of the body along with the decayed uterine lining. (National Right to Life)

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