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Remember: “You are your baby’s first home …. Your baby’s first protector”

by | Jan 10, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

Imagine how different the fate of millions of unborn babies would be if moms and dads looked upon them not as a kind of disposable property but as someone whose fate is entirely in their hands and whom they should do everything humanly possible to protect.

In other words, to see and then act not as landlords eager to evict but as parents dedicated to protect.

Enter an ad for First Response Pregnancy Test.

It’s only 30 seconds long. The first two statements are the most relevant, although all the sentiments are very beautiful and very touching.

The ad begins with the husband lovingly kissing his wife’s swollen abdomen. Then the words

You are your baby’s first home…. Your baby’s first protector.

I have written about fetolology and the incredible bond between mother and unborn baby a million times. But I’ve never put it in more telling, more tender terms than “You are your baby’s first home.”

That was the warm and fuzzy part (for me).

“Your baby’s first protector.” That was more sobering.

What are moms–and dads!–if not their child’s first protector? We can and should be their first educator, their first role model, their first caregiver.

But nothing exceeds, because nothing precedes protecting them from harm. And what could be a greater betrayer of that sacred duty than to take our own child’s life?

A beautiful, thought-provoking ad. 

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