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A very disappointing decision by Sen. Bob Casey, Jr.

by | Feb 18, 2022

What would his father think?

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

When I was growing up, I was captivated by the slogan, “You’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania.”

While I did not live in the Keystone State at that time, my great aunt resided there, so I considered the slogan to be legit.

In the 20th century, preborn babies and their mothers had a friend in Pennsylvania Gov. Robert Casey, Sr. His challenge to the pro-abortion kingpins in his own Democratic Party became legendary. Gov. Casey epitomized the public servant who put principle over party, and the cause of life before politics.

So I have to wonder what the good Governor, who passed from this life long ago, would think about his son Bob Casey Jr.’s announcement on Twitter. The U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania stated that he would vote “Yes” for debate on the horrendous and inappropriately named Women’s Health Protection Act.

This “Abortion Without Limits” bill would wipe out the most basic protections for preborn children and their vulnerable mothers, while codifying the tragic U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. That sole decision has resulted in the deaths of more than 63 million preborn children, along with unspeakable suffering for the mothers who grieve their loss.

Sen. Casey’s tweet stated, “Given the recent Supreme Court rulings, potential rulings this year, and the Republican Party’s clear and unrelenting use of this issue as a political weapon, I will vote ‘yes’ to allow debate on this bill.”

But what is really unrelenting is the abortion industry’s sustained attack on the most vulnerable among us—precious preborn babies and their mothers. There was a time when Sen. Casey said he opposed Roe. Is that still the case? Or has he delivered the ultimate “flip-flop” on the most important issue of our time?

Casey’s tweet goes on to talk about reducing abortions and funding pregnant women, infants, and children. But the platitudes ring hollow.

With his vote, Sen.Casey is betraying the pro-life legacy of his father. It’s a troubling turn, not only in the political life of one U.S. Senator, but in the life of a family.

One wonders what the late Governor Casey would tweet about that.

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