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ACLU believes ad “reframing” abortion is persuasive, ignores unborn child

by | Feb 23, 2022

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Well, if you believe the ACLU and Oberland –the “purpose-driven ad agency”–they have a humdinger of a strategy to make abortion more palatable. “Forcing people to rethink the language they use, how they empathize and understand who is being affected by these restrictions, might actually put pressure on legislation and these restrictive laws and these restrictive laws and help overturn them,” says Kate Charles. Oberland’s Chief Strategy Officer.

So what language are they proposing? 

“I think getting people to say I’m pro-life is much easier to say than ‘I am pro-forced pregnancy,’”

It’s as simple as that? Get them to say “Forced pregnancy” and suddenly pro-lifers will be disarmed, falling into incoherence?

Sort of. The ad [titled “Disclaimer”]follows a pregnant woman who wants an abortion. She is stymied by “unnecessary restrictions and politically-motivated bans,” we’re told. It goes without saying that their ad campaign will not only totally ignore the unborn child,  but also ridicule protective legislation that many, many states have enacted .

“We felt by changing the terminology [to “forced pregnancy”] we were highlighting the pregnant person’s life, and the cruelty and control that politicians are trying to enforce on people, which are very un-American, and these restrictive laws that are controlling bodies,” said Charles.

This is the Abortion Industry’s umpteenth iteration of isn’t-abortion-wonderful. This particular ad “reframes the issue as a battle between government-mandated forced pregnancy and reproductive freedom.” Where have we heard that before? 

They all have in common the same basic lie: Just ignore who it is that you are getting rid of. In this case, it’s just the same-old, same old: 

Mariah Cooper writes

The campaign will follow up with a second spot, titled “Forced,” in February, which will air digitally and on streaming services. The spot shows what people seeking abortions are forced to deal with, including paying for care, hours of travel, taking unpaid leave from work and oftentimes, staying pregnant. 

The campaign will also include digital ad units, which are geographically targeted to states where abortion access is restricted.

Only the willfully blind will fall for “forced pregnancy.” You can “reframe” abortion six ways from Sunday but it remains a cruel, brutal, unnatural act.

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