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Arizona Senate approves bill protecting unborn children after the 15th week

by | Feb 16, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

On Tuesday, the Arizona state Senate passed Senate Bill 1164, which would protect unborn babies after the 15th week. The only exception would be cases of medical emergency. The bill is similar, but not identical,  to Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act which the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on December 1.

The vote was along party lines with 16 Republican in favor, 13 Democrats against.  The bill now goes to the state House. “If approved there it will land on Republican Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk and likely be signed into law,” wrote Stacey Barchenger.

State Sen. Nancy Barto “said she believed the U.S. Supreme Court would overturn the nearly 50-year-old precedent set in Roe v. Wade that allowed abortions, as some expect it could do in the Mississippi case,” Barchenger reported. “We’re hoping,” Barto said. “But copying Mississippi’s law in the meantime would ‘give us an opportunity in Arizona to protect more unborn lives,’ she said.

A ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is expected in late June.

“The Arizona measure also contains strict provisions attempting to ensure accurate reporting of abortions performed after 15 weeks, to track compliance with the policy once it becomes law,” according to National Review Online’s Alexandra DeSanctis. “The bill requires abortionists to file a report with the state Department of Health for any abortion after 15 weeks, including information such as the abortion method used, the gestational age of the unborn child, a statement that the abortion was necessary due to a medical emergency, and the specific medical indications involved in that decision.”

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