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Baby born at 23 weeks survives, thanks to doctors willing to give her a chance

by | Feb 3, 2022

By Bridget Sielicki 

A baby born at just 23 weeks of pregnancy has defied the odds and is now heading home with her family after just four months in the hospital. And she’s only alive today thanks to the doctors and midwives who were willing to give her a chance at life.

When little Bonnie Morgans was born, few people thought she would survive. Her mom, Rachel, explained to Cornwall Live that she had a difficult pregnancy, miscarrying Bonnie’s twin at an earlier stage. When Rachel went into premature labor with Bonnie, there wasn’t much hope that her little girl would make it.

“In Leighton Hospital, the cut off is 24 weeks, so Bonnie would have been classed as a late miscarriage, but the doctors that were on that day, and the midwife, who Bonnie gets her middle name from, decided they would give Bonnie a chance, if she showed a sign of life, they would give her a chance,” she explained. “Bonnie came out and cried. Because she cried they said she showed a fight for life, so they did and pushed for her and she’s here today.”

Bonnie weighed just one pound and seven ounces, but her willingness to fight stuck with her. She eventually overcame many of her medical challenges, including two cardiac arrests, a brain bleed, and eye surgery. On January 20, she was able to finally go home with her family. “She looks like a normal newborn baby, even though she is four months old,” her mother said. “I never thought we would get to this stage.”

Bonnie is just one of a growing number of preborn babies who are surviving despite being born prematurely at 21, 22, or 23 weeks. These stories of miraculous survival used to be the rare exception, but now, thanks to advancements in medicine, they are becoming more and more common.

Sharing stories like Bonnie’s is an important reminder that many children are able to beat the odds, if they’re only given a chance at life.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.

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