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BIDEN HYPOCRISY: Biden Sends Millions of Dollars to Planned Parenthood, then Attends National Prayer Breakfast

by | Feb 7, 2022

By Peter Pinedo

Still claiming to be a “devout Catholic,” Joe Biden headlined this past week’s National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.

His remarks included a call for “unity,” in which he stated, “in a moment of a great division, our democracy is at grave risk. I pray that we follow what Jesus taught us: to serve rather than be served.”

Biden’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast come days after he renewed his pledge to push codification of “abortion rights” in Congress. Additionally, the Biden administration recently announced awarding over one million federal tax dollars to Planned Parenthood of South and Greater Texas in direct response to the Texas Heartbeat Act.

Biden has stood vehemently opposed to the Texas Heartbeat Act since the law passed and took effect in 2021.

recently published study by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) confirmed that the Texas Heartbeat Act is saving 100 babies per day and a total of over 14,000 lives since the law took effect.

Responding to the Texas Heartbeat Act’s passage, the Biden administration called Texas “backward” and accused the state of launching an “assault on women’s rights.”

In United States v. Texas, Biden immediately lobbed a sloppy lawsuit against the Texas Heartbeat Act that was quickly thrown out by the Supreme Court.

The president has yet to explain what exactly about using tax dollars to fund abortion businesses, hatefully attacking Texas Pro-Life values, and attempting to undermine Texas’ defense of the preborn is in any way “unifying” or following “what Jesus taught us.”

Biden went on, “I pray to keep the faith (in) the very promise of America: believing that there’s nothing we can’t do, where every person is created equal in the image of God, no matter where we come from, who we are, what our color or how we choose to pray — or whether or not we choose to pray — (they) deserve to be treated equally throughout their lives.” (Emphasis added)

Biden’s utter hypocrisy has almost never been on fuller display than at the National Prayer Breakfast. Mr. Biden, if you believe that every person is created equally in the image of God, then how can you possibly support the brutal destruction of preborn Life in the womb?

How can you say, on one hand that all humans “deserve to be treated equally throughout their lives,” yet viciously target for murder human beings at their earliest stage of Life?

Biden’s participation in the National Prayer Breakfast was a disgrace.

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