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Florida ACTION ALERT: YES, to Senate Bill 146    

by | Feb 1, 2022

PROTECT LIFE . . . YES to HB 146!

By Florida Right to Life

TALLAHASSE – This Wednesday February 2, a hearing for Florida Senate Bill SB 146 will have its first hearing in the Florida Senate Health Policy Committee. This bill will limit abortions in Florida, starting at 15-weeks gestation. We need calls to the members of this committee asap (see below). 

Lynda Bell, president of Florida Right to Life commented, “Last week I attended the hearing on the House side. I wanted to testify but many of us were cut-off due to the pro-abort rants and despicable behavior the room was cleared. Fortunately, the committee resumed and the pro-life committee members voted in favor of HB 5 with a 10-5 vote.”

Now, we need your HELP asap!


1. CALL Florida Senate Health Policy Committee member, for names/numbers, click HERE.

2. ASK them to “Protect Life by supporting SB 146” 


* Research has found that the unborn have the capacity to feel pain at this stage in development 

* Abortion ends the life of a pre-born child and is not medical care

Thank you for speaking out! Your voice makes a difference!

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