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Florida House passes bill protecting unborn children after 15 weeks

by | Feb 17, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

Just after midnight, after more than five hours of debate, the Florida House early this morning forwarded to the Senate a measure that would protect unborn babies after the 15th week, with narrow exceptions. The vote was overwhelming: 78 to 39.

One Senate committee has already heard a companion bill, SB146. The Senate Appropriations Committee, could take up the bill–The Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality Act–as early as next week.

The bill is likely to pass the Florida Senate. According to Florida Politics, Senate President Wilton Simpson supports the pro-life bill.

Rep. Erin Grall, who is sponsoring the House bill, said earlier this week that “the Supreme Court’s weighing of the Mississippi law was a factor in the decision to propose the 15-week restriction,” according to Christy Turner.

“There’s significant fetal development by the age of 15 weeks. But there is also a case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, currently under consideration, at 15 weeks,” Grall said. “And … working within that infrastructure of 15 weeks gives Florida its best opportunity to save a significant number of babies, very quickly, after the court’s decision.”

As NRL News Today has reported, the High Court heard oral arguments on December 1 in the case of Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act. A decision is expected in June.

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