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Florida’s ban on abortions after 15 weeks is on its way to the House floor

by | Feb 11, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

Lawmakers on the Florida State House Health and Human Services Committee  chose to devote their session Thursday to listening to constituents  argue for and against a bill that would protect unborn children after the 15th week–HB 5. More than 100 people took the opportunity to speak. The bill had previously passed House Professions and Public Health Subcommittee. 

“HB 5 now heads to the House floor for final discussion and debate in the coming weeks,” Forrest Saunders reported. “Senators would get it next, as they also near approval of a similar version.

The pro-life legislation “would allow exceptions if the mother’s life is at risk or if the unborn baby has a fatal anomaly,” Micaiah Bilger explained. “It also would create new requirements for hospitals and abortion facilities to report data to the Florida Department of Health, including measures to help identify victims of human trafficking, to keep track of babies who are born alive in abortions and to reduce infant mortality.”

Rep. Erin Grall, a cosponsor, said, “The state’s interest in protecting unborn life is clearly compelling at 15 weeks when the child has fully taken the human form.” She added, “There is no right to an abortion in the federal constitution or the state constitution. There is a right to life.”

Forrest quoted Rep. Grall who had said previously that 

the bill is modeled after a Mississippi law currently under U.S. Supreme Court review, challenging the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, 

She called her bill “an opportunity” to ready the state for change.

“We will be saving nearly 5,000 babies a year with this bill in place,” Grall said.

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