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Huge updates on the Georgia’s Women’s Health & Safety Act!

by | Feb 7, 2022

By Elizabeth Reed, Leadership Director

As you know, Georgia Life Alliance and a coalition of pro-life Senators led by our good friends Senator Bruce Thompson and Senator Butch Miller introduced historic legislation that will halt the Biden Administration’s radical expansion of abortion access.

I wanted to reach out and let you know that we have been coordinating with our national and state partners and have reintroduced that bill as SB 456, which is a new version of the same bill that now has 31 Senate Sponsors – more than the required number to pass a bill on the floor of the Senate – including every member of Senate Republican leadership.

Read SB 456 Here

This new bill includes changes to ensure its passage doesn’t impact the Heartbeat Bill when it is upheld by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals this Summer. But it accomplishes our goal of ending telemedicine and direct mail delivery of the abortion pill and requires an in-person visit with an ultrasound prior to any abortion in Georgia.

We will be in the Senate HHS Committee next week and need your help!

Now we need your help to reach out to the members of the Senate HHS Committee to let them know we need them to stand against the Biden Administration’s radical expansion of abortion and protect Georgia women.

Once you do that, be sure to contact all of the bill sponsors by phone or email to thank them for their courageous support!

  1. Thompson, Bruce
  2. Kirkpatrick, Kay
  3. Miller, Butch
  4. Gooch, Steve
  5. Hatchett, Bo
  6. Dugan, Mike
  7. Albers, John
  8. Hickman, Billy
  9. McNeill, Sheila
  10. Cowsert, Bill
  11. Robertson, Randy
  12. Hufstetler, Chuck
  13. Summers, Carden
  14. Jones, Burt
  15. Brass, Matt
  16. Mullis, Jeff
  17. Anavitarte, Jason
  18. Payne, Chuck
  19. Burns, Max
  20. Beach, Brandon
  21. Walker, III, Larry
  22. Dolezal, Greg
  23. Harbin, Marty
  24. Strickland, Brian
  25. Burke, Dean
  26. Dixon, Clint
  27. Goodman, Russ
  28. Anderson, Lee
  29. Watson, Ben
  30. Kennedy, John
  31. Tippins, Lindsey

We are proud to stand on the frontline as the leading pro-life group in Georgia and the only statewide organization working with national partners to build a culture of life. Be sure to follow us on social media and watch your inbox for opportunities to help pass this historic pro-life legislation!

Together for Life.

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