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Miracle baby born with half a heart “has more heart” than those who suggest he be aborted

by | Feb 18, 2022

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Charlie Taylor, 2, was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which his parents were made aware of during his 20-week scan. But they decided to give their son every chance at life and refused to abort him. 

Charlie’s mother, Courtney, said that she and her husband, Connor, were “absolutely devastated” when doctors informed them of Charlie’s heart condition.

“That was the moment it all became real for us, we were told he may not live very long, but we had to give him a chance, if we didn’t, who else would”, said Courtney.

Informed that Charlie was unlikely to survive after birth, his parents were presented with the opportunity to abort him. Instead, they opted for life-saving surgery, which, though grueling, Charlie survived.

After five and a half weeks in hospital, Charlie went home with his relieved parents.

Despite further challenges, including more surgery, Courtney and Connor are overjoyed that Charlie is still with them. They hope that one day he will receive a heart transplant to further extend his life.

“I’ve only ever left Charlie once or twice in his life… The stress we experience is unbelievable, but you just have to keep going for Charlie’s sake”, said Courtney.

A SPUC spokesperson said

“With just half a heart, brave little Charlie has shown that he has more heart than those who would counsel his vulnerable parents to take away his chance at life.

“The devotion of Courtney and Connor gave Charlie that chance. Their love more than compensated for their son’s condition, putting their faith in the miracles that doctors can achieve when their own hearts are in the right place.

“Life is worth fighting for. Parents should always be supported in making this right choice for their sons and daughters. Abortion is not the answer. We must have faith in life.”

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