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One of the Best Rallies EV-ER!

by | Feb 10, 2022

West Virginians for Life held its annual Pro-Life Rally Day on Monday, February 7, in the lower rotunda of the State Capitol in Charleston.

Unborn Child with Down Syndrome Protection and Education Act petitions were presented by WVFL’s Program Director Mary Anne Buchanan and President Wanda Franz to Senate President Craig Blair and Delegate Ruth Rowan (who stood in for House Speaker Roger Hanshaw).

A day when attendees are encouraged to visit their legislators, the crowd was large and exuberant. Pro-life Men, women, and children of all ages came to show support for the Unborn Child with Down Syndrome Protection and Education Act (SB 468/HB 4337) and the Health Care Decisions Act Amendments (SB470).

The main event was the noon Rally where Dadvocate for “Embace Don’t Erase Down Syndrome” Kurt Kondrich spoke . Many of the legislators got to meet his precious daughter Chloe, who has Down syndrome. Kondrich granted many interviews to the media, who were plentiful. He was heard to tell them, “Identifying, targeting, and terminating a human being who receives a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis because they do not meet the misguided cultural  mandate for unattainable perfection represents the ultimate, extreme form of discrimination, prejudice, profiling, bigotry, intolerance, exclusion and hatred, and it is something none of us should accept or tolerate.”

Nearly 50 lawmakers, including all but one of the five Public Board of Works figures, attended. As many as possible were introduced at the mic as time allowed. 

Chloe Kondrich about to present HB 4337 Lead Sponsor Kayla Kessinger with the book Brilliant Souls in which Chloe is featured, while Dad Kurt looks on.

Bishop Mark Brennan of the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese gave the invocation. Special music also added much to the event.

After talking about the regret of her necessary, lifesaving abortion, Delegate Margitta Mazzochi received her emotional healing Monday morning. She said, “You never forget about it. I was able to hold a 14-week baby model this morning. I will hold my baby in Heaven one day.” 

Delegate Caleb Hanna said, “There is a sign here today saying Abortion Bans are Racist. Let me tell you something. Abortions kill more black people than anything else in the United States.”

“Momentum is on our side,” Delegate Kayla Kessinger, Lead Sponsor of HB 4337 said. “In the last 15 years, I’ve been coming to these rallies. This is the first time I’ve seen counter protesters. You know what that tells me? We are winning!” 

The crowd also got an update from Missy Ciccarello on God’s Battlefield, the campaign to purchase the property across from the lone abortion clinic in WV. In less than two months over $310,000 was raised, well over the amount needed. As Ciccarello looked up at the protesters in the upper rotunda, she said, “We are going to speak life. They hate us but we love them. We love you, WHC (Women’s Health Center)! We love you, escorts! We love you, abortion providers! We love you…”

To see pictures from the successful day, click here.

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