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TODAY praises abortionists as moms helping other moms to make ‘parenting choices’

by | Feb 18, 2022

By Bridget Sielicki

A recent article at TODAY Parents features four abortionists who also have children in an attempt to show “proof” that abortion is not at odds with motherhood. Titled, “What Moms Who Provide Abortion Care Think About Their Jobs,” it’s a misguided effort to normalize abortionists as compassionate, motherly women who are simply providing “abortion care.”

Yet, in this feature there’s a stark double-standard — abortionists are portrayed as caring mothers who are raising children, while the preborn children that they routinely kill in the womb aren’t humanized at all. The reader is supposed to feel a connection with the abortionist moms while completely disregarding the life in the womb — the life that is snuffed out and killed.

There is nothing caring about the act of abortion

The article refers to abortionists only as “abortion care providers” and describes them as “Moms [who] are holding moms’ hands through what can be a brief in-office procedure.” Throughout the entire article, the gruesome reality of abortion is ignored as the women use words like “caring,” “patience,” “compassion,” and “connection” to describe the work that they do, which is not “holding moms’ hands” but instead involves violently suctioning and dismembering those moms’ children from their wombs.

During an abortion, a child is brutally ripped apart limb by limb, starved of nutrients, or injected with a solution meant to send them into cardiac arrest. The procedures vary depending on the method and gestational age of the child, but they all end the same way — in death.

Furthermore, while abortion advocates describe abortion as basic health care, Live Action News has shown many times that abortion is not health care. To offer health care means to prevent illness, restore someone from illness, or save lives. In contrast, abortion always and unequivocally seeks to take a human life. No matter how they try and sugarcoat it, what these women are facilitating is not compassionate care, but the death of an irreplaceable child.

Preborn children are fully human

Another problem with the article is that it completely neglects to consider the preborn child in the womb. While the abortion industry once claimed that the baby in the womb was simply a blob of cells, science debunked that myth long ago. Each preborn child is a unique and distinct being separate from the mother, with his or her own DNA. From the moment of fertilization, that child is growing and developing and a rapid pace.

An intricate look at the miracle of life in the womb is beautifully shown in Live Action’s Baby Olivia video, which demonstrates that the preborn child is fully and undeniably human, with a heart that starts beating at just 22 days. Some studies show that she can feel pain as early as eight to 12 weeks. By nine weeks gestation, she can suck her thumb, swallow, and grasp objects. By 13 weeks, her teeth are starting to form and she responds to light touch. As the weeks continue, the child continues to grow and develop. These are milestones that aren’t found in just a random group of cells or some non-living being, but instead are indicative that the preborn child is indeed fully human.

Parents don’t have the right to kill their children

Several of the abortionists interviewed made comments indicating the belief that getting an abortion was simply another of life’s many parenting decisions. Again, this approach completely dehumanizes the preborn child and makes abortion seem like just another of the everyday choices that parents need to make regarding their children. But killing one’s child isn’t discussed as a “parenting decision” in any other context besides abortion.

“As a provider, I know that people who choose abortion are also making parenting decisions. I see that every single day — whether or not they’re currently parenting a child, choosing an abortion is, at its heart, a parenting decision,” one of the abortionists said. “And so I have really seen and experienced the love that pregnant people have for the pregnancies that they are choosing to end.”

Another explained, “As a mother, I definitely have a much deeper understanding of what it means to parent, of course. So there’s that core level of understanding of why someone might not want to parent, or parent another child, that’s ever present.”

But deciding whether or not you want to parent is not just another of the many decisions that parents get to make. No one would agree that it’s right for a mother to kill or abandon her toddler simply because she’s tired of his demands and is tired of parenting, so why is it acceptable for that child to die simply because he’s living inside the womb?

While abortion is presented throughout the article as a loving, caring choice, the circumstances are tragic — mothers with children of their own finding it perfectly acceptable to kill the children of others. This shows that the pro-life movement has much to do to not only fight to end abortion, but also to change the hearts and minds of those who find the horrific killing of the preborn as an act to champion.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.

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