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What is your role in making a difference and saving a life? 

by | Feb 14, 2022

By Jacki Ragan, Director of State Organizational Development Department

February is now upon us and the number of deaths from abortion continue to climb. There is a lot of hope in all of us that we may be passing the final February, the final winter that Roe will be in power. And while we all understand, Roe might not be completely overturned, we are hopeful that we will see some relief from abortion on demand, that some lives can be saved, that we can pass more legislation that will save more lives. 

But today is today and we have duties before us to try to save lives now. So, what are the plans to help make that happen. What is your role in making a difference and saving a life? Following are several things, that may seem mundane to you, but can and will make a marked difference in passing pro-life legislation, winning elections, educating all on the humanity of the unborn, and overall, making a difference. Taking a step in the right direction. 

Please let us know how we can help.  What can we do to help you, help us, save lives? We are here and we are ready. Please look at the list below and pick at least 2 things to do. Please pick more if you can. 

  • Circulate the new petition in your community and help us gather as many pro-life names as possible. The petition is free and downloadable at Take them to your Church, to your neighborhood gatherings, anywhere you think people might be receptive to helping. As people are signing them, maybe suggest that they help circulate the petitions as well. We need all the help we can get and every name, every entry can make a difference.
  • Visit our website and see how your member of Congress is voting on pro-life legislation. If they are voting correctly, send them an appreciative letter, a thank you for their pro-life vote. If they are voting wrong, send them a letter and information on what the legislation can do. And then follow up with them, make sure you get a reasonable response. Visiting is just the first step and will present you with two urgent topics.  Ask others to do the same. Hearing from their constituents is very helpful in garnering pro-life votes.
  • Volunteer at your state affiliate or local chapter. It doesn’t have to be hours and hours, even spending a couple of hours a week or a month can, and will, make a huge difference.  Click here to find your state office and start there
  • Follow us on social media and share and retweet our postings. That may seem like a lot, but we often get feedback about how a particular post or tweet really moved someone. When you share what we post, you are helping spread the word! Follow us on Facebook at National Right to Life and on Twitter at @NRLC. 
  • Pray. Pray for the women who are frightened and alone, facing an unplanned pregnancy and do not know where to turn. Pray for the abortionists to turn away from killing babies. And pray for an end to abortion on demand. Get a community or Church based group to pray together. Adopt a woman or an abortionist and pray for that person.  

More to follow.  But for now, this is a good start. We are here if you need help!  Now, let’s get going!  And thank you in advance for your help, your work, your prayers, and your efforts.

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