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Behind the decision of the Washington DC city council to withdraw a proclamation “honoring abortion providers”

by | Mar 10, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

As many of our readers know, today, March 10th, is the day that the abortion establishment seeks to honor their own with “National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day” proclamation. Alexandria, Virginia, a resoundingly Democratic stronghold, would have appeared to be ripe to add to the fold.

Not so. As we wrote on Monday the best laid plans of pro-abortionists came to naught. The proclamation was withdrawn by Mayor Justin Wilson who had been barraged with complaints from “Catholics and pro-lifers.” Since then, further details have emerged.

For example, according to Teo Armus of the Washington Post, “Whole Woman’s Health, one of two abortion providers in the Northern Virginia suburb, had approached a city lawmaker to ask for an in-person proclamation — a document signed by the mayor and issued at his discretion — declaring March 10 as ‘Abortion Provider Appreciation Day’ in Alexandria.” Who that lawmaker was remains a secret.

Such proclamations are ordinarily non-controversial and take up just a few minutes of each meeting. However honoring abortion providers is inherently controversial. As Wilson told Vernon Miles

“It was more controversial than a proclamation should be,” Mayor Wilson (D) said in an interview. “We appreciate those providers for doing the work that they do, and doing it under adverse conditions at times. But, ultimately, it didn’t need to be on our council docket.”

Indeed. Which is why hearing from a raft of “Catholics and pro-lifers” had caught the ear of the all-Democratic city council and mayor!

Wilson noted, “The council has previously shied away from large national or state issues that don’t have direct community interest.” He added, “In this case, we do have two providers in our city, and this was aimed at showing our appreciation for what they do.”

Ironically, the fact that the proclamation ignited a firestorm of criticism is offered as the reason it was needed in the first place!

“This backlash underscores just how important it is to let abortion providers and clinic staff know that they are supported,” Jackie Dilworth, spokeswoman for Whole Woman’s Health [one of the two abortion providers in Alexandria], said in a statement. “It’s a shame that a very vocal minority has taken this course of disruptive and disrespectful action.”

Ever notice whenever pro-lifers carry the day we are inevitably told we are a “very vocal minority”? Another explanation for why the proclamation was withdrawn is that “honoring” people who collectively responsible for the deaths of nearly 900,000 is a step too far, even more many pro-abortionists.

It is an “honor” whose time has not arrived! According to Armus, only three cities—Atlanta, Minneapolis, and St. Louis—and one state—Washington—have issued such proclamations.

Armus summed it up nicely. “The pushback against this particular document, then, demonstrates how the fraught politics of abortion are reaching a boiling point — even at the most local levels of government, in an overwhelmingly Democratic city where abortion is rarely a topic of debate

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