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Born at just 22 weeks with “zero chance of survival,” twins Haley and Harry go home after 140 days of intensive care

by | Mar 22, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

Imagine how you would feel as a parent if doctors told you your very premature twins had zero chance to survive? That what parents Jade and Steve Crane were told when they checked in at Queens Medical Hospital in Nottingham, England.

“The doctors were saying the babies wouldn’t survive at this gestation, “Jade told The Mirror’s Antony Thrower and Kate Lally. “I was still two weeks away from what the UK classes as viable and the babies were given a zero per cent chance of survival.”

They were “warned by doctors it could be a miscarriage as the tiny tots were so young, telling them to ‘prepare to say goodbye.”

What proved to be the crucial difference? “It was only because I was at a teaching hospital and that the babies were born with signs of life that they chose to intervene medically.”

Now, after 140 days of intensive care, Harry and Harley have been cleared to go home!

But that’s jumping way ahead in the story. From Thrower’s and Lally’s account, the twins’ survival really was, in that overworked but in this case accurate description, miraculous.

The couple underwent eight cycles of IVF over 11 years as they tried to start their family, tragically suffering three miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy before the twins’ arrival.

Jade discovered she had an overactive immune system, causing her body to reject the pregnancies before the couple moved from a fertility clinic in Nottingham to one on Harley Street in London.

Jade was prescribed several types of medication in order to combat her immune system problems.

Jade added: “On our eighth cycle of IVF, we had two embryos transferred which both worked and we ended up with boy and girl twins.

“I couldn’t let myself believe it, I was so fearful of a miscarriage or something going wrong. I was still in disbelief when we got to 20 weeks, and I hadn’t even hit my third trimester when I went into labour so we hadn’t bought anything.

“The few bits of clothes that I did buy made me think that I better keep the tags on just in case – you just don’t want to let yourself believe.”

Jade began leaking fluid on October 26 and did so for several days. She was just 22 weeks along. They checked in at Queens Medical Hospital in Nottingham.

In spite of all the very understandable gloom-and-doom prophesies, “I knew they were ok but was being told they wouldn’t survive at this gestation,” Jade said.

“It was only because the babies were born with signs of life that they chose to intervene medically. They were alive, moving around, and they cried. Their little cries sounded like a tiny kitten.”

On Monday the twins were allowed to home — just two weeks after their initial due date!

“The absolutely stunning doctors, nurses and surgeons have all been part of the making of this moment,” Steve said. “It’s hard to say goodbye to them but I hope I never see them again

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