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Classic pro-life v. pro-abortion contest for Pennsylvania governor

by | Mar 21, 2022

By Maria V. Gallagher, PAC Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro is as extreme as they come, as far as the issue of abortion is concerned.

Shapiro, a Democrat who has amassed a radical record when it comes to abortion expansion as Attorney General, even went so far as to take on the Little Sisters of the Poor in a shocking display of pro-abortion hubris.

His abortion-no-matter-what lawsuits are numerous and seemingly endless. He is so demonstrably pro-abortion that he is making abortion without limits a centerpiece of his campaign for Governor.

Shapiro faces no opposition in the Democratic Gubernatorial campaign. His extremism on abortion is in direct contrast with the stand of the late Democratic Governor Robert Casey, Sr., who was willing to take on both party and pundits in his defense of innocent human life.

Clearly, Shapiro is out of the mainstream when it comes to abortion. National public opinion polls consistently show that the vast majority of voters oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. Further, most Americans oppose most abortions, according to polling data.  

Over on the Republican side of the fence, the story is much different. Nine candidates are seeking the GOP nomination for Governor—all of them pro-life. They include former Congressman Lou Barletta; state Senator Jake Corman; southeastern PA Republican Joe Gale; political consultant Charlie Gerow; former Congresswoman Melissa Hart; state Senator Doug Mastriano; former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain; businessman Dave White; and Dr. Nche Zama. 

The fact that so many gubernatorial candidates tout their pro-life credentials shows the strength of the pro-life movement in the “purple” state of Pennsylvania. The Keystone State swings back and forth from electing Democrats (a blue state trait) to boosting Republicans to higher office (a red state trait). 

The primary election in Pennsylvania will take place Tuesday, May 17th, in what promises to be a pivotal date in the history of the Commonwealth. 

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