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Counselor: 75% of post-abortive women who seek help were pressured to abort

by | Mar 18, 2022

By Sarah Terzo,

Clare Bremner is a counsellor with the Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline in Scotland. She says:

“In my long experience, typically 75 per cent of the women who summon up the courage and bravery to make a call for help regarding an abortion were pressurised or bullied into having one, in almost all cases by the man involved…

“We have come to realise that most of the men involved do not even realise that their behaviour is abusive. That is quite remarkable but moreover worrying for those of us who want to see change.”

Clare Bremner, “Hidden victims of coerced abortion being recognised by law at last.” The Times February 09, 2018.

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