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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice….

by | Mar 16, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This appeared a year ago in NRL News Today. It is just as accurate today as in what in March 2021.

Like you, I’ve been around the track more than enough times to instantly know that when pro-abortionists make pronouncements,  it requires a presentation that is rife with falsehoods, dripping with distortions, and  teeming with misrepresentations to give a surface plausibility to their counter-intuitive conclusion. This is especially true with the topic is the pro-abortion presidency of Joe Biden. 

As Biden holed up in his basement, his campaign sold the public a bill of goods so out of kilter with reality that you have to ask yourself how they could have looked at themselves in the mirror. 

Joe Biden “centrist”? 

Joe Biden “devout Catholic”? 

Joe Biden “rolling back the culture war.” 

The latter is the headline to an opinion piece in Sunday’s Washington Post written by the interminably smug know-it-all E.J. Dionne.

The remainder of the headline reads, “The country should thank him.” Yowza.

Before we get to the specifics of a truly bizarre opinion piece, what would we say? Calling people names (such as “Neanderthals”) accomplishes what for President Biden, besides the pleasure of venting his spleen? 

Who believes filling vacancies in a Biden administration “with an abundance of former abortion industry employees” (as Carol Novielli put it) tamps down the culture war?

Working hand in glove with the Abortion Industry to sweep away conscience protections and attempting to erasing limitations on taxpayer funding of abortion is asking for disarmament? It’s just the opposite, of course. 

It is foisting on an unwilling public the never-enough abortions, to-heck-with-your-moral-objections worldview of the Abortion Industry and its legion of media enablers (like Dionne) and a cadre of pliant Democrats.

So, apropos Dionne, how exactly is President Biden “rolling back the culture war” for which he is not being given sufficient gratitude? It’s mostly filler, but the thrust of his argument is that Republicans by definition can never have the interests of working class Americans but President Biden can and has already started, having been in office for about 48 minutes.

Dionne quotes a Republican  Senator making that case that the GOP is now the party of working class men and women.” If this is so obviously a cynical Republican ploy, why do we need still another one-time opinion maker to tell us?


Dionne’s snarky post is the umpteenth iteration of pro-abortionists rebelling against what is a genuine realignment of the two major parties that began with “Reagan Democrats” and which picked up enormous momentum in the 2020 elections.

That included the truth that “Across the board, Democrats performed worse among Latino voters in 2020 than in 2016,” as Frances Lee wrote last month in the Washington Post.

We’ve written about this on numerous occasions but even though President Trump lost by the narrowest of margins, Republicans did extraordinarily well in the House (nearly taking control back) and much better than expected in the Senate. 

Lee put it bluntly: “Biden had no coattails at all.”

Even the New York Times (an adjunct to the Democrat Party and to Planned Parenthood) disagrees with Dionne factually–“Republicans Won Blue-Collar Votes”–but agrees (naturally) that they are throwing that advantage away. 

Trip Gabriel opined, that “further results” had revealed “that Mr. Trump had carried 40 percent of union household.” But going forward Republicans had no chance because their only appeal is to “resentment.”

Two points.

#1. On a daily basis, Democrats libel Republicans with every vicious charge they can come up with. Why? For the exact reason Dionne and Gabriel attribute to Republicans. Democrats have no agenda that appeals either to Middle American or to working class women and men.  So they hope to prevail by keeping the public’s eye on the Republican caricature they have conjured up, dutifully amplified by the major media. 

Dionne has the chutzpah to insist that President Biden  has “tried to shift the conversation about the pandemic away from cultural conflict and toward the practical work of ending the scourge,” as if, like Athena from the head of Zeus, the progress that we have made against the pandemic sprung fully developed from Biden’s head the day he was inaugurated. 

#2. Neither Dionne nor Gabriel mentions pro-lifers per se. But it is interesting, is it not, that over the weekend, some pro-life Evangelicals who’d  persuaded themselves Biden wouldn’t be so bad, suddenly discovered that Biden is supporting legislation that excludes the Hyde Amendment protections against the use of taxpayer money to pay for abortion?

Having served their appointed task—providing cover—they wrote as if they actually thought (or wanted us to believe) that the Biden administration will listen to them. Their naiveté would be almost charming if it hadn’t had the deadly effect of helping defeat a pro-life President and ushering in the Biden/Harris administration.

But you are far wiser than that. You know what we face—and you knew that way back during the campaign. 

Likewise, you know what we need to do: resist intelligently with honor and wisdom. 

And we will.

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