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Hanna’s story: just one more reason why pregnancy help centers should be recognized and celebrated

by | Mar 29, 2022

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

So many times, advocates for abortion present a baby as a barrier to a woman fulfilling her dreams.

Hanna was being inundated with such messages. She was 21 and was attending college when she discovered she was pregnant.

In a recent edition of CareLine, a publication of the Women’s Care Center, Hanna discussed the pressure she was under to abort her child.

“People make you feel guilty. I was told, ‘You should be finishing college first. A baby will ruin your career.’”

While the abortion industry and its allies preach despair, advocates for life offer hope. Hanna credits the pregnancy resource center with inspiring her to continue her pregnancy and still realize her academic goals.

“You showed me that I could still go to school and just because I’m having a baby doesn’t mean my life is on hold. Now I just include an extra person in it all!”

Hanna is continuing her college education and will graduate in a semester.

Her baby, Paisley, is along for the ride.

As Hanna told CareLine, “I called you every other day at the beginning! And it was never just, ‘Here’s your pregnancy test. Now, move on.’

“This place is the right stepping stone for anyone who is pregnant.”

Hanna’s story is just one more reason why pregnancy help centers should be recognized and celebrated. They offer support for women who may be struggling—financially, emotionally, or academically. They are a line of defense against coercion and intimidation, anxiety and fear. They journey with a woman throughout her pregnancy—and beyond.

In the end, they are a pregnant woman’s best friend!