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Her own early, heartbreaking miscarriage motivated her to help other moms in need

by | Mar 24, 2022

By Lisa Bast 

Jaimie* was babysitting her neighbors’ children one night when she suddenly began experiencing intense contractions. The frightened 19-year-old had no idea what was happening. Unable to leave the children, she mustered through five hours of pain until a small gray sack containing a reddish ball was expelled from her body. Stunned, she realized she had miscarried.

Jaimie told Live Action News, “I had been with my boyfriend for two years when this occurred and neither of us knew that I was pregnant. I couldn’t have been more than four weeks — but the loss of a child, no matter the circumstances, is devastating.”

Immediately after miscarrying, Jaimie was too shocked to move. She wept briefly, wondering what could have caused her to miscarry. Later, when she told her boyfriend of her ordeal, he too, was surprised and saddened at the loss of their baby. 

While Jaimie had a pro-life upbringing, the topic of abortion was never really discussed in her household. Still, had her baby flourished in her womb, she would not have considered terminating her pregnancy. “Choosing abortion is never okay at any time during a pregnancy,” Jaimie said. “I believe in equality for all human beings, that we all have a right to life. It’s simply wrong to kill an innocent human being.”

Although Jaimie’s boyfriend was not aware of her pregnancy, she knew he would have welcomed a child. Although they were young, they would have gladly accepted the responsibility of parenting. “We always knew it was a possibility that I could get pregnant and agreed that if it did happen, we would raise our child together,” Jaimie said. “My boyfriend would have been elated had I carried our baby to term.” 

Just a few months after her miscarriage, Jaimie and her boyfriend became engaged — and six months after her miscarriage, she was discovered she was again pregnant. “My husband was so excited to find out I was expecting,” Jaimie said. “We had a healthy baby girl and are now married with four girls.” 

Miscarriage was the catalyst for creating a local ministry to families

Motivated by her experience, Jaimie became more active in the pro-life movement. She recently started volunteering as a pregnancy counselor with Let Them Live, a pro-life organization that seeks to provide emotional care and financial assistance to mothers contemplating abortion — and in doing so, helps them choose life for their babies.

Jaimie told Live Action News, “I found Let Them Live on Instagram and was inspired by their mission. Over 73% of abortions are due to financial stressors and we strive to help mothers facing those situations. As a pregnancy counselor, I connect with moms assigned to me and get to know their story. I get information needed to help set up a bill pay system if they decide against abortion. After they are all set up, I stay in contact with them to support them through their pregnancy.”

Jaimie also launched a local ministry to support the community she loves by providing new families with essential supplies. She funds her organization primarily through donations. “… We want to show new families there’s people who care about them and want them to thrive,” Jaimie said.

Committed to upholding her pro-life principles, Jaimie seeks to spread the message to desperate mothers everywhere that there are resources available to assist them. 

“There is hope! There are pregnancy support centers and ministries across the country ready to aid you in various ways. You and your baby deserve support and encouragement. Circumstances may be difficult, pregnancy and parenting aren’t always easy, but you don’t have to go through the journey alone. Reach out, we’re here for you!”

*not her real name

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.

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