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Miracle premature baby who died for 11 minutes now a thriving 5-month-old

by | Mar 25, 2022

A baby who was born seven weeks premature, and who died for 11 minutes, is now a thriving 5-month-old who has been hailed as a “miracle”.

Jess Bray, 24, and Cameron Lyman, 26, welcomed their baby boy, Finley, into the world on October 4 2021 at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Derbyshire. He weighed just 4lb 5oz.

Ms Bray said: “He came out blue and very limp and I couldn’t hear him crying. He went straight to the neonatal team that were waiting there by the bed and they worked on him for about five minutes until he was breathing. When I heard that cry, I was in absolute tears. It melted my heart.

“I had this overwhelming love for him.”

Doctors informed the new parents that baby Finley had two holes in his heart but reassured them that they would heal and sent them home.

However, soon after arriving home, Finley developed breathing problems, forcing his mum and dad to rush him back to hospital. He was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, sepsis and a collapsed lung. His parents were told that his chances of survival were slim.

The next day Finley suffered a heart attack that stopped his heart for 11 minutes before doctors managed to bring him back to life.

When he was stabilised, he was transferred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital, South Yorkshire where Ms Bray was able to visit him.

She said: “I went down to see him and I just broke down.

“But it still felt like a miracle that he was there. The doctor told me Finley opened his eyes after they brought him back and he started looking around the room as if to say, ‘What’s happened here?’”

Brave Finlay managed to recover quickly and, after 8 days, was able to return home.

His proud mum has said he is “absolutely thriving.”

SPUC Comment

An SPUC spokesperson said: “Despite his vulnerability, tiny baby Finley beat the odds stacked against him. Finley’s strength and his family’s hope, is truly awe inspiring.”

“SPUC wishes Finley and his family all the best for the future.”

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