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National Right to Life Pro-Life Essay Contest 2021 Senior Division Winner

by | Mar 3, 2022

Editor’s note. Over this week and into the next, NRL News Today will repost all six of the winning essays from the 2022 NRLC Essay contest. Today we are posting the third place winner in the Senior Division, grades 10-12. The Junior Division is grades 7-9.

Becoming a Shield

By Kate S.

The idea of being asleep is frightening for many people. When sleeping at night, you are surrounded by darkness and filled with exhaustion. Essentially defenseless, you are unable to do anything to protect yourself from potential danger. You are vulnerable. To counteract this state of vulnerability, we routinely close doors and lock them, bringing safety and comfort to a restless sleeper. The locked door serves as a protective shield to someone in a vulnerable state to ensure a peaceful night’s rest.

Shields aid in protecting people from a harmful source when they are defenseless. While a shield can be a physical object such as a door, wall or something knights use, it can also be a person. At times, another person can be a more powerful, effective line of defense. That has me thinking who or what may need a person to stand up for them. Are there vulnerable people in our communities that need someone to step up and become a shield for them?

Our society as a whole has spiraled downhill and deemed unborn babies, those with special needs, and elderly people as insignificant and not worth protecting. Unfortunately, these tragic, fabricated labels, contradicting the Biblical truths about life, have become highly prominent. They are taking over culture by targeting and highlighting the weaknesses of those who cannot defend themselves. There are not enough people stepping up for these vulnerable people and vouching for them. They are helpless. Are these defenseless people worth stepping up for and protecting?

All lives are a gift to our world. Some people simply need shield to protect them in their vulnerable state. If we pause and stop getting wrapped up in the lies of society, we can recognize and appreciate the value and worth of all lives. Unborn babies are carefully created by God and deserve a chance at life. Those with special needs have contagious joy and beaming personality that should be shared with the world. Elderly people have genuine wisdom and discernment that we can all learn from.

I am prolife because I believe that all lives–unborn, those with differing abilities and elderly-are prized possession and deserve someone willing to fight for them. As a society, we need to stop letting the ways of the world attack these people. We need to become a protective shield and speak out on their behalf about the value that all life truly has.

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