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National Right to Life Pro-Life Essay Contest 2022 Junior Winners Announced

by | Mar 10, 2022

Editor’s note. Last week we posted the three Senior winners. This week we are posting the three winners in the Junior category. Enjoy!

By Rowan K.

Why am I pro-life? Ask me why I love the rain, why I think Grimm’s Fairy Tales are good for children, why I believe the Dallas Cowboys will go to the Super Bowl next year, and I’d understand having to explain myself. But ask me why I am pro-life and you might as well ask me why I breathe. But, if the question had to be answered, I would say because of love, choice, and math.

There is a woman in Russia whom I love so much. I sure hope I meet her someday. That’s right. I don’t know her. In 2005, 1.6 million abortions were registered in Russia. Russia, the nation with the single highest rate of abortion in the world. But, this ONE woman decided to give birth to her child. Her child would soon be adopted by a couple in America and become my best friend. My life would never be the same.

Have you ever thought about the power of choice? How much one decision can impact things? What if Benjamin Franklin never bought a kite? Have you ever thought about how if your great, great grandparents  made a different choice  in their everyday lives,  and  they  never  met, you  wouldn’t  be here  today? How about if you make the choice to abort your child, and you, not  your friend, not your parents, but you single-handedly wipe out generations.

In the standard mathematical system 1=1, but when it comes to abortion, that’s almost never true. My aunt became pregnant during her third year of college. My aunt, who I can only imagine was scared out of her mind, had no second thoughts. She was keeping the baby. 62 million babies were lost to choice just in America. As incredibly high as that number may seem, it is nothing compared to the real number of losses.

For me 1=4. In 1987 my aunt made 1 choice, and in 1988 my cousin Lindsi was born, and I’m  grateful  for  my  aunt’s  one  choice. In 2015,  Lindsi’s  son  Ryan  was born,  and I thanked God for my aunt’s one choice, in 2017, Lindsi’s daughter Molly was born, and I thanked God for my aunt’s one choice, and in 2020, Lindsi’s Daughter Farrah was born, and again I thanked God for my aunt’s one choice, so, as I said, in my life, 1=4…so far.

Families’  lives  are  impacted  every  day  by  abortion,  but  mine was  impacted because just a few said, “No.”

Why am I pro-life? I am still counting the reasons.

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