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Over 3,000 babies and counting are alive today because of Abortion Pill Reversal

by | Mar 29, 2022

By Arkansas Right to Life

Never before has there been an opportunity for a woman who has begun an abortion to change her mind and begin treatment to UNDO the abortion and possibly SAVE her child!

That was not possible for a pregnant woman from 1973 to 2000 when all abortions were only surgical procedures. What happened in 2000? That was the year RU-486 “the abortion pill” was approved for use in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration by then-president Bill Clinton. 

Then and now this non-surgical aka medication or medical abortion drug regimen also known as chemical abortion is marketed to the pregnant woman as “easy,” “more natural” and “private” than the typical suction curettage abortion that was the only option to end first-trimester pregnancies for almost 30 years. First approved for use up to the 7th week of pregnancy that has now been pushed to the 10th week.

The 2020 Arkansas Induced Abortion statistics reported that out of 3,154 abortions – 1,725 were chemical abortions, over half! But what about the woman who immediately changes

her mind after taking that first pill? Even today, abortion providers offer no hope for a pregnant woman who takes the abortion pill and changes her mind.

But there is hope, a chance to undo the abortion pill abortion after taking the first drug. It’s called Abortion Pill Reversal.

The problem is that many pregnant mothers still do not know about Abortion Pill Reversal. Will you help us tell them? 

Arkansas Right to Life has recently launched the Undo Pill campaign to help pregnant women in Arkansas learn about Abortion Pill Reversal so that IF they regret taking that first abortion pill, they can try to UNDO it and perhaps save the life of their child.

We have already seen a few success stories in Arkansas of mothers who left the abortion clinic after taking the first drug – changed their mind – and got help to save their baby by seeking Abortion Pill Reversal treatment.

It’s not a guarantee but a chance to undo an abortion once it has begun – and you can help! Pregnant women need to know about Abortion Pill Reversal. Over 3,000 babies and counting are alive today because of it.