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Pregnant with twins, a teenage mum is sick of people asking why she hasn’t had an abortion

by | Mar 4, 2022

By Right to Life UK

A teenage mum expecting twins has revealed she is sick of people asking her why she hasn’t had an abortion.

Posting anonymously on the chat forum Reddit, the young mum said that at one of her parenting classes, she was advised to have an abortion when she was past the halfway point in her pregnancy.

The mum said: “That clearly wasn’t the choice I made and nobody gets the right to even suggest the idea at this point”.

She went on to say that she was sick of all the abuse and judgement she had received for not having an abortion and was determined to prove them wrong.

“But this is how the cards fell and I’ll be damned if I won’t love these babies with my whole heart when they’re born”.

In the face of the many negative experiences she has received online and offline about her pregnancy she said: “My boyfriend is still in my life, and I am well freakin’ aware that I’m too young to be pregnant. Well. Freaking. Aware.”

However, on the Reddit page where she posted her story, a number of users were supportive with one saying: “You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. The abuse you are getting sucks! Don’t mind foolish people, I hope you can shake off their stupidity”.

Another wrote in support: “Those babies are so lucky to have a mama like you! Yeah it’s going to have challenges, but what doesn’t?”

Right To Life UK spokesperson, Catherine Robinson, said: “This brave young woman should be an inspiration to us all. Despite the challenges that may come with being pregnant at such an early age, she recognises that the twins in her womb are her babies, her sons or daughters or both. It is our responsibility as a society to respond by supporting the mother, not pressuring her into having an abortion”. 

“We wish this young mum and her twins all the best as they enter into this exciting new chapter of life together, and would encourage her and any other young mum in this situation to make use of the many resources and organisations out there who are prepared to help people in their situation”.

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