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Pregnant woman assaulted by partner for not getting an abortion

by | Mar 3, 2022

By Right to Life UK

A man in Worcester has appeared in court after attacking his partner because she would not have an abortion.

Ross Jones admitted carrying out the attacks in Worcester when he appeared before city magistrates last month. At one stage, he even threatened to get the baby ‘knocked out of her’.

The 27-year-old admitted seven domestic assaults on the same victim, who attended court heavily pregnant. The court heard that Jones believed that there had been an agreement that his partner would have an abortion, but the mother decided not to.

In her victim statement, the mother said: “I feel scared to go out in case I see him in the area”.

The victim, who said she wore “baggy clothes to cover up the bruises”, added: “He made me feel like I was worth nothing”.

The prosecution said that the couple had been in a relationship for eighteen months and that “the defendant tried to strangle the complainant with his hands, leaving a red mark to her neck” while she was pregnant.

On August 31, last year, the court heard that Jones texted her, saying: “I will get somebody to knock the baby out of you”.

Risks of coercion linked to ‘DIY’ at-home abortion

On 24 February, the Government in Westminster announced its plan to end the provision allowing abortions to take place outside of a clinical setting. Such abortions, also known as ‘DIY’ abortions, have been heavily criticised by MPs and medical experts partly because of the opportunity they create for coercion and abuse.

This decision was supported by responses to a Government consultation, where 70% of respondents stated they wanted the ‘DIY’ abortion provisions to be ended immediately. In these responses, a significant concern around safety for women and the risk of coercion was raised.

Right To Life UK spokesperson, Catherine Robinson, said: “This appalling case in which a woman is physically assaulted multiple times for not having an abortion is, tragically, all too common. ‘DIY’ abortions facilitate such abuse by making coercion harder to detect. They do nothing for the most vulnerable women, let alone their unborn babies”. 

“It is disappointing that the provision has not been ended on its planned end date of 30 March 2022. Nevertheless, we do welcome the Government’s decision to ensure that women considering an abortion get an in-person appointment first, and make sure no more women are put at risk by the temporary provision from 30 August 2022”.

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