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Swiss assisted suicide clinic provides death for $11,000  

by | Mar 24, 2022

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The shocking news that two healthy American sisters died by assisted suicide in Switzerland is opening new questions about assisted suicide and the Pegasos suicide clinic.

An article by Ronny Reyes published in the Daily Mail on March 23 explains that Lila Ammouri, a 54 year-old palliative care doctor, and Susan Frazier, a 49-year-old nurse, who were sisters, traveled from Phoenix Arizona to Basel, Switzerland on February 3. They died by assisted suicide on February 11 at the Pegasos suicide clinic. 

Pegasos is known for providing death for people who are not terminally ill.

Reyes reported that Pegasos charges $11,000 for an assisted suicide.

In order to use Pegasos services, individuals must be members of the organization and pay an annual fee of about $110. Once a member, a person can apply for VAD [Voluntary Assisted Dying].

In order to apply for the process, Pegasos needs to know the reason a person is requesting a VAD as well as their current living situation and family background.

Patients must also submit a brief biography, a birth certificate, marriage or divorce certificates, funeral instructions, health reports and proof of residence.

Aside from the membership fee, which could be waived if a patient is already a member of Exit International, the average cost of a VAD with Pegasos is more than $11,000.

Reyes further reported that two healthy American sisters recently died by assisted suicide at the Pegasos suicide clinic. 

A Swiss government source told that: ‘The two American ladies died on February 11.

‘They died the same day and the timings were close, if not at the same time.’

The sisters’ deaths were confirmed by the US consulate on February 18. Their brother Cal, 60, who lives in New York, said he only learned of his siblings’ passing when contacted by The Independent earlier this week.

In a previous article that was also published by the Daily Mail, Reyes reported

Dr. David Bilgari, a longtime friend of the sisters, said no one had heard from the duo since February 9, four days after they arrived in Switzerland, and that some of their final texts seemed to have been sent by someone else.

Prior to that, Bilgari told
Fox 10 that co-workers had been texting them and felt that the person responding was not actually one of the sisters.

‘Some of the text communications they had, we are certain they were not from them,’ Bilgari said. ‘They were most likely fabricated with someone else.’

A spokesman for the Basel-Landschaft Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to
The Independent that the sisters had died by suicide ‘within the legal framework’. 

The concepts of euthanasia and assisted suicide are sold to the culture under the guise of ending suffering. These ladies do not appear to have been sick or suffering but they likely established a suicide pact that was carried-out by the Pegasos assisted suicide clinic.

It is time, once again, to universally reject euthanasia and assisted suicide and to promote a society that cares and not kills its citizens. 

Editor’s note. This appeared on the blog of Mr. Schadenberg and is reposted with permission.

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