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Use of term “baby” makes Abortion providers uncomfortable

by | Mar 30, 2022

By Sarah Terzo

Pro-choice author Carole Joffe on how abortion providers and patients describe the unborn baby:

Counselors and clinicians tend to use the terms “pregnancy” and “fetus”; in contrast, many patients use the term baby, which makes some providers uncomfortable. Similarly, how should providers respond to the occasional patient who asks to see her ultrasound before her abortion, or, afterward, the product of conception (another term used far more by providers than by patients?)

Carole Joffe, Dispatches from the Abortion Wars: the Costs of Fanaticism to Doctors, Patients, and the Rest of Us (Boston, Massachusetts: Beacon Press, 2009) pp. 127-128.

This brief quote reveals that many women having abortions know the child they are about to destroy is a baby, and also that clinic workers use terms that are deceptive. It is also clear that it is not normal practice in abortion clinics to show the woman the ultrasound, and that clinic workers questioned whether she should be allowed to see it. 

In the section on “abortion counseling,” you will read many quotes from abortion providers admitting that they never show the woman the ultrasound before her abortion, and that if she asked, they often refused.

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