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Vermont State Representative Anne Donahue’s Interview Highlights Concerns About Proposal 5

by | Mar 23, 2022

By Vermont Right to Life

Members of the media seeking sources of information about Proposal 5 will want to listen to Rep. Anne Donahue’s recent appearance on The Morning Drive on WVMT. During the 20-minute interview, Rep. Donahue outlined several serious concerns around Proposal 5:

  • Prop 5 is unnecessary as abortion rights are already protected in statute
  • It goes beyond Roe v. Wade, and would lock into the Vermont Constitution a right to abortion throughout pregnancy, up until birth
  • The courts will decide the scope of “personal reproductive autonomy,” instead of the elected Legislature
  • The language of the proposed amendment would make abortion a priority over other rights, such as freedom of speech or religion

You can listen to the full interview with Rep. Donahue here.

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