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Virginia Senate Democrats Kill Born-Alive Infants Protection and Informed Consent

by | Mar 8, 2022

Bill to prevent infanticide Fails in Virginia State Senate

By Olivia Gans Turner

Thank you to all those who made one last ditch effort to save the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection bill. The Senate Education and Health Committee dropped it from the docket this past week, refusing to give the bill a hearing. The chair, Senator Louise Lucas, pocketed HB 304 along with other controversial bills. Pro-life leaders on the Senate floor confronted Sen. Lucas on her irregular move which goes hard against a tradition of allowing every bill to at least get a hearing. Their pressure was successful and forced her to allow a hearing, so she sent it to the Rules Committee for a vote.

Robin Settell, an abortion survivor, was given 30 seconds to testify to the Rules Committee.

Unfortunately, it was a way of killing the bill because the Rules Committee is stacked with pro-abortion senators and only four pro-life members. This lifesaving bill, HB 304, was then killed by a vote of 11 to 4 to “Pass By Indefinitely” (PBI).

The vote was mostly along party lines with 11 Democrats voting to Pass By Indefinitely the bill. Two Senators were not in attendance, Rep. Jill Vogel and Dem. Sen. Lynwood Lewis. The only Democrat to vote to report the bill to the Floor was Sen. Chap Petersen who voted with Republican Senators Tommy Norment, Steve Newman, and Ryan McDougle.

Senator Petersen’s vote was a surprise, and it proves that the voices of his constituents were a factor in the vote he cast! Please send your personal thanks to each of the Senators who voted to support HB 304, especially if you are a constituent!

Here is the complete list of members on the Rules committee who voted to kill the bill that would have prevented infanticide when a baby survives an abortion:

Democrats Mamie Locke, Dick Saslaw, Janet Howell, Louise Lucas, Creigh Deeds, John Edwards, Dave Marsden, George Barker, Barbara Favola, Adam Ebbin, and Jeremy McPike.

Informed Consent / “Woman’s Right to Know” Bill Killed by Virginia Senate Committee

On Thursday March 3rd HB 212, a bill to require that women considering an abortion be given medically accurate information about the development of their unborn child, the risks of the abortion procedures, other life affirming options available in Virginia, and their full legal rights, among other things, was defeated by the pro-abortion majority in the powerful Senate Education and Health Committee.

The bill had already been whittled down considerably by resistance from some in the House of Delegates. Now it simply requires that the State Department of Health prepare a booklet with all the required information and that the abortionist just has to tell her she had the right to read it. The 24-hour waiting period had already been removed after push back.

The vote was mostly along party lines with all the Democrats on the Committee voting against this important first step to restore all the protective laws Virginia lost in 2020. Sadly, one Republican voted with them to PBI (kill) this important lifesaving bill that respects a woman’s right to know: Senator Siobhan Dunnavant. If she is your Senator, please tell her how disappointed you are.

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