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Woman suffers “self-destructive behaviors” for three decades following abortion

by | Mar 28, 2022

Author Carol Jackson wrote a book about her postabortion trauma. She writes about how she struggled emotionally after her abortion for 30 years, and it led to the breakup of her marriage:

“The next three decades were rough ones. I spent a great deal of time in self-destructive behaviors, subconsciously punishing myself. I sabotaged my marriage…

Subconsciously I blamed my husband for not standing up to me and saying no to the abortion because I wasn’t able then to accept responsibility for my actions. Women who abort their babies instinctively know that what they’ve done is wrong…

When my husband and I got divorced on our ninth anniversary, my life further unraveled, and I sank into depression.”

Carol Jackson I’m Sorry: Recovering from the Right to Choose (2020) 26 – 27

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