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A “momentous” Pro-Life Triumph in Florida

by | Apr 18, 2022

By Jan Halisky, Vice-President for Legislative Affairs, Florida Right to Life

As you all probably have heard on the news, yesterday we took part in a pro-life triumph in Kissimmee, Florida. Along with other pro-life representatives, we were asked by the Governor’s office to witness the signing of HB-5 by Governor Ron DeSantis. Among many important moments in the pro-life struggle in Florida, this event has to be considered the most momentous

HB-5 was passed by the Legislature on March 3. The bill prohibits any abortions after 15 weeks of gestation, which means that nearly all abortions will be outlawed henceforth. After fighting for so many years, yesterday would have to be considered our most important success. Governor DeSantis chose Thursday as the day he signed the 

An immense crown of pro-lifers came to attend. The venue was so jammed, that we were afraid that no one would be able to find a seat. For us though, it was not a problem, since the Governor had invited specially selected pro-lifers to be with him on the dais for the bill-signing, including Lynda Bell, President of Florida Right to Life, and Madeline Darling, from Clearwater, who stood right next to the Governor as he signed the bill.

What a spectacular event it was! Among other things, the Governor said, “We are here today to protect life. We are here to defend those who can’t defend themselves. It’s a statement of our values that every life is important….This is a time where these babies have beating hearts, they can move, they can taste, they can see, they can feel pain, they can suck their thumbs, and they have brain waves. This will represent the most significant protections for life that have been enacted in this state for a generation.”

It was unforgettable. To give you some idea of the excitement of the event, here are some pictures taken there. Lynda Bell and Madeline Darling are standing right behind the Governor.

We thank the Governor for inviting our special group, Lynda Bell and Madeline Darling, who have the honor of standing next to him during his signing. We shall never forget it. Let us hope this will begin a new pro-life era, free of abortion, here and throughout America. We thank all of you for the role you have had in this fight.

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