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Abortion Access Care Act is on Maryland Governor Hogan’s Desk

by | Apr 4, 2022

Request for VETO on HB937/SB890


HB937/SB890 Abortion Care Access Act – Passed in the House and Senate, now on Governor Hogan’s desk.

This bill puts abortion profits before patients. It commits public funding for abortion ($3.5 million per year to train non-physician abortionists) and diverts public funds from lifesaving alternatives to abortion including access to quality reproductive health care that includes the supervision of a licensed medical physician. Please send a message to Governor Hogan to veto this bad bill at TAKE ACTION.

HB1171 Right to Reproductive Liberty (Abortion Amendment) –

HB1171 was passed in the House and referred to the Senate Finance Committee who held a hearing last Wed 3/30 where it was vigorously opposed by Maryland Right to Life testimony witnesses and a large crowd of advocates for life. As of 4/4 there has been no vote in committee.

If this bill is taken up by the Senate and passed, it will go on the ballot in November to enshrine abortion on demand through all nine months into the state constitution. It is imperative that we continue to keep pressure on the Senate to kill this bill. 


HB626/SB669 Pregnant Persons Freedom Act (Infanticide Bill) – Senate hearing cancelled, House version not referred by crossover.

This bill is mere political propaganda designed to create unnecessary fear of prosecution among pregnant women. There is no provision in Maryland law to impose criminal penalties on a woman who obtains an abortion or a physician who “in good faith” performs an abortion.  However, this bill would legalize infanticide by barring the state from investigating the death of an infant or prosecuting a woman for the death of her infant caused by her failure to act. Failure to act is undefined but may include the mother’s failure to provide her newborn with care, nourishment or necessary medical care or intervention. 

MDRTL was able to persuade bill sponsor Senator William Smith to first stall and then cancel the hearing for SB669. The House version, HB626 was not brought for a committee vote in time to meet the crossover date. We have good reason to hope this bill will be defeated, but please continue with messaging through the TAKE ACTION page.

We are in the final days of session. MDRTL is watching closely for any developments as they occur. Please do not grow weary. Your voice has been powerful, making a huge difference in the fight for LIFE. We see you! The numbers have been off the charts. Thank you!

When we use our voice, lives are saved! God Bless!

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