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An “Interview with an Unborn Child”

by | Apr 22, 2022

No baby should ever be unwanted, unknown, or unloved.

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This look back at a story that appeared in NRL News Today a year ago remains one of my all-time favorites for reasons I hope become obvious and which you will share.

Last night, I re-watched video titled, “Interview with an Unborn Child” by the Life Network of Malta. It moved me more than any of the dozens and dozens and dozens of pro-life videos I’d seen before or since. I’d written about it previously but, if possible, this four-minute-long video made an even deeper impression on me this time.

The creators of this video know that abortion is a highly sensitive topic and even many pro-lifers find brutally honest pictures of aborted babies very unsettling. So this “Interview,” filled with images of unborn babies, while very haunting, strikes a nerve for very different reasons.

We read the introduction

I had the privilege of interviewing an unborn child.

I asked about his dreams

Here is his reply

The narrator (the unborn child) ever-so-quietly reduces you to tears in less than 60 seconds. Why? How?

For starters, the music immediately signals that this child is completely and utterly alone. And when he tells us that “My most beautiful dreams turn into nightmares,” he tells us in a voice you have to hear to understand how affecting it is.

Partly we are touched because the refrain “not even my mother” is the narrative thread that binds the video together—that and the expressions of deep, deep pain etched on his tear-stained mother’s face.

From his words and the images, we know that he has been abandoned. Even many decades in the Movement, this truth still cuts me to the quick. This pain is only exacerbated by the truth that as often as not, the child’s father (at a minimum) will encourage the child’s mother to “get rid” of him.

Listening to the baby, we know that he anticipates being hurt, physically and existentially. Even if he didn’t, we do. And too many of us attempt to keep his cries muffled and our indifference barricaded.

And when he says,

“My greatest pain will not reach the ears of anyone… not even my mother”

you are (or at least I was) stunned into silence.

Then there is abortion’s finality.

“Even though my heart is beating fast, how quickly the star of my life will be snuffed out.”

This little one has been cast aside, and

“I’ll never know who I am.”

But Someone does.

Only He would made me different from all others will know me.

He sees my talents and who I would become.

We believe He is with the baby in his final hours. If that doesn’t motivate me to be His hands and feet to find a better way, I don’t know what will.

When the baby says

Nobody else will ever know me… not even my mother.

We want to be able to say that while we may not know him individually, we work tirelessly to find a life-affirming solution for babies just like him and their mothers.

The video ends with a refrain I remembered instantly, even though the last time I watched “Interview with an Unborn Child” was seven years ago:

Even though I am preparing to breathe the outside air

The only breath I will breathe is the breath of death.

Except for death, no one will kiss me…

not even my mother.


Even though I have feelings,

I will never experience love from someone else.

When I wrote that last sentence, I re-watched the video once again.

Please share it. using your social media contacts.

For no baby should ever be unknown, unwanted, or unloved.

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