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by | Apr 18, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

Good afternoon! In case you haven’t opened your email inbox yet, when you do you’ll find the latest monthly issue of National Right to Life News []. Tomorrow we’ll go into the issue in more detail, so let me highlight just a few stories from “the pro-life newspaper of record” today.

Karen Cross, NRL Political Director, opens the issue with “2020 primaries underway: Let’s Win for the Babies.” Karen writes, “It is hard to believe 2022’s primary season began on March 1, when Texas held the first in the nation primary. May and June will hold thirty more state primaries – setting the stage for many head-to-head pro-life vs. pro-abortion races nationwide.”

Also on page one is a reminder from Jacki Ragan that “Start making your plans to attend NRLC 2022, National Right to Life’s annual convention!” This year’s educational bonanza will take place June 24-25 in Atlanta. Please come if you possibly can!

NRL President Carol Tobias tells us on page three that “2022 proving to be an incredibly tumultuous, but pivotal, year.” NRL has fended off numerous pro-abortion initiatives and, if we do well this coming November, we will be position to continue doing so.

Ingrid Duran, NRL Director of State Legislation, writes that The “Year of the Unborn Child” continues. “State legislatures are off to a strong start in protecting unborn children and their mothers,” she writes. “These actions continue the pro-life momentum of 2021, which saw hundreds of pro-life bills introduced.” For her fine summary, please go to page four.

Just one other story for today. “Life is a good which should always be cherished, protected, and loved” is a beautifully written essay by Maria V. Gallagher. Referring to the power of technology to changes hearts and minds, she tells us, “It is one thing to talk theoretically about ‘choice’—it is quite another to hear the heartbeat of ‘choice’s’ victim.”

We’ll be back tomorrow with a further update of the latest issue of NRL News. See you then!

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