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Massachusetts suburb outlaws pregnancy resource centers

by | Apr 20, 2022

By Peter Pinedo

Abandoning even the appearance of advocating for choice, abortion activists in the town of Somerville, Massachusetts, have outlawed pregnancy resource centers. 

Abortion advocates assert that they stand for women’s rights and say that they empower women. Yet these abortion activists banned centers that offer resources and support to pregnant and parenting mothers, showing their true colors.

On March 24 the Somerville City Council unanimously passed an ordinance banning pregnancy resource centers (PRCs). 

Advocates for the ban, including Somerville City Councilor-at-Large Kristen Strezo, accused pregnancy resource centers of promulgating “deceptive or misleading and manipulative language.” Strezo also criticized pregnancy resource centers for not encouraging women to abort their babies and for not referring women to abortion businesses. 

“[PRCs] quite frankly should not exist,” asserted Leah Cohen, another advocate for the ban. 

PRCs, now banned in Somerville, MA, offer free ultrasounds, pregnancy resources, classes, maternity and baby clothes, and oftentimes financial and job assistance to women and families. Pregnancy resource centers affirm women and life by unconditionally offering free help in some of the most difficult times of their lives.

Why are pregnancy resource centers so problematic to the abortion industry? What’s so deeply wrong with offering resources and aid to women and families in difficult moments? With a little aid from PRCs, women often discover they have the strength and capability to choose Life above the horror of elective abortion. That’s precisely why these abortion radicals so desperately object: PRCs empower women to choose Life and not abortion. 

The abortion industry would like nothing more than to shut down every PRC in the country and trap women into believing their only option is to subject themselves to cruel abortions. 

Abortion activists have grown so radical that now simply offering alternatives to abortion is unacceptable. 

This blatant disregard for the health and well-being of women and preborn children is no surprise. Back home in Texas, abortion activists have been fighting against pregnancy resource centers for years. 

In 2021, the State of Texas fully funded the Alternatives to Abortion program that helps fund a vast network of PRCs throughout the state, among other life-saving resources. Rather than stand with women and encourage this commonsense program to offer resources to women, abortion advocates and politicians have fought tooth and nail to kill the Alternatives to Abortion program and cut its funding. 

As pro-lifers, we must work against any moves to ban these vital centers of support for pregnant mothers and families. We must continue to fight for women and preborn children and work harder than ever to offer even more resources to those in difficult pregnancies. 

Editor’s note: Peter Pinedo is a writer and editor in the Media and Communications Department at Texas Right to Life where this first appeared.