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Pro-life Virginians at the Capital welcome the new pro-life Governor and pro-life Lt. Governor to the March for Life 

by | Apr 29, 2022

By Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

Left to Right: Rev. Robert Gurley, Virginia director of the Douglas Leadership Institute and founder of End Black Genocide; Olivia Gans Turner, President VHSL; Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin; and Kay James, Secretary of the Commonwealth.

The Sun shone brightly on the hundreds of pro-lifers from various parts of Virginia who gathered on the grounds of the Capital in Richmond on April 27th to be seen and heard by the members of the General Assembly attending Veto/Reconvene day. 

For the second time since February’s Defending Life Day pro-life citizens made the trip to participate in the process of changing hearts and minds. All of them were thrilled to see Governor Glenn Youngkin step out of the Capital to meet them at the start of the March around the streets and the area of Capital Square in Richmond.  

He shook hands and posed for pictures and commented to everyone he met how pleased he was to see them taking part in this peaceful demonstration supporting a shared cause. The Governor did not make a speech but walked with his fellow pro-life citizens through the streets. 

Before the march began there was a brief rally where the 600 or so people who had gathered for the event organized by the March for Life Committee and supported by Virginia Society for Human Life as well other pro-life groups in the Commonwealth, listened to speeches from elected officials and prolife leaders. That included VSHL President Olivia Gans Turner, Alveda King, and the Bishop of Richmond.  The remarks from Lt Governor of Virginia, Winsome Sears, Del Nick Freitas, patron of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors, roused the marchers with passionate statements about the power of pro-life people to change our society.  

A number of pro-life Delegates and Senators attended part of the event but had to leave before the Rally ended in order to participate in the business of the Day which was the Veto session at noon. 

Lt. Gov. Sears pointed out how abortions are killing more African American children every year and that no one realizes how racist the abortion industry really is. Del. Freitas recalled his own mother’s courage when she was pregnant with him. 

He praised the courage of every woman who defies the abortion industry’s siren call and protects their babies. He called on his colleagues in the General Assembly who claim to care about women to pass laws that will protect women and their children. His bill to protect babies who survive an abortion attempt was defeated this year by pro-abortion members of the Virginia Senate.

Olivia Gans Turner, VSHL President, that there are no small pro-life bills. That every step builds on the next to their shared goals of protecting innocent human life. Mrs. Turner encouraged the attendees to become more familiar with how new laws are made and to stay connected to their own legislators. 

She urged everyone to contact their members when they got home and tell them they were at the March and why they had come to Richmond. She reminded them that elections will be coming to Virginia again in 2023 and they could help remove the biggest obstacle to passing new pro-life laws by electing a pro-life majority in the Senate. 

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