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Telemundo’s version of “The’View’ Anchor Takes A STRONG Pro-Life Stance

by | Apr 14, 2022

By Kathleen Krumhansl

The strongest pro-life stance you’ll likely ever see on Spanish-language TV was recently found in the unlikeliest place- on Telemundo’s version of “The View”. Myrka Dellanos, co-host of Telemundo’s The Hot Table (La Mesa Caliente/LMC), powerfully stood for the unborn and stated the mainstream Hispanic position on abortion.

What can best be described as Telemundo’s version of “The View”, had its four co-hostesses discussing Oklahoma´s Senate Bill 612- which makes it a felony to perform an abortion. As her co-hosts took different corners of the pro-abortion position, Dellanos gave the show´s audience something rarely seen at the Spanish-language corporate media: a voice for the baby.

MYRKA DELLANOS: But in the end– the idea is that they know that there’s another choice. That you don’t have to kill the baby. That baby was created from the beginning of the universe, created with a divine plan from God. In other words, who is advocating for the right of the babies – who are babies?

During the report, Dellanos confirmed that she was “100 percent pro-life” and explained that the new Oklahoma law allows criminal charges for doctors who perform abortions, but not for the women receiving the abortion. Her main focus, however, was to remind viewers “…that there’s another choice. That you don’t have to kill the baby.” 

Dellanos also spoke of a study finding that “92% of women who hear the baby’s heartbeat decide they don’t want to have that abortion and save their baby. So it’s super interesting and I think there are options, I mean, adoption is a nice option to an unplanned pregnancy.”

Co-host Gisselle Blondet tried to pass as pro-life but fell short when she called for a gray area to allow for certain abortions. Yet, it was Verónica Bastos who won the self-absorbed award when she actually expressed horror at the thought of having a baby “with a man who isn’t the one I necessarily want. Why? Because it’s going to make me unhappy, it’s going to make the baby unhappy, and I find it very sad that they give them up for adoption… the truth is it is not an option.” 

In other words, “better aborted than make ME- – or anyone else for that matter – -unhappy”. 

Kudos to Dellanos for breaking the Telemundo push for abortion to their audiences, a position that as MRC Latino has found, appears to be the network´s de facto stance, as we have observed here and here. The Spanish-speaking public can certainly benefit from more objective coverage that allows for the defense of the defenseless. Bien hecho, Myrka. Well done.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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