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The Mayor of Delta British Columba urges the Premier of British Columbia to expropriate the remaining Delta Hospice Society property 

by | Apr 25, 2022

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

In February 2021, the Delta Hospice Society (DHS) was defunded by the British Columbia Ministry of Health because they refused to kill their patients by euthanasia. The battle over the existence of the DHS has continued since that time.

The DHS held an online Annual General Meeting on March 26/April 2 in which they elected 10 board members. They also passed resolutions ensuring their continued opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide, referred to as MAiD in Canada. 

76% of the membership voted to remain opposed to MAiD.

Disclosure: I was elected to the DHS board. 

The mayor of Delta BC, George Harvie, has now asked BC Premier John Horgan to expropriate the remaining property of the DHS. That way the  money would go to hospice care that is being provided in the building that the province has already expropriated which now also provides euthanasia.

James Smith, reporting for the Surrey Now Leader reported:

Delta Mayor George Harvie is asking Premier John Horgan to “take whatever steps” he can to make sure money raised at the Delta Hospice Society (DHS)’s Hospice Cottage Charity Shoppe is used to support hospice care in the community.

Harvie’s request, made in a letter dated April 13, comes after members of the society voted in support of constitutional and bylaw amendments formally rejecting medical assistance in dying.

Smith further reports that the Charity Shoppe building is what they want expropriated. He writes:

In his letter, Harvie urged the premier “take whatever steps you can to ensure that thrift store assets and revenue are restored to the Irene Thomas Hospice as originally intended by the Delta community.”

Harvie stated the thrift store, valued at nearly $3 million, was created using community funds for the purpose of generating income to support services at the hospice. Instead, under the current board, revenue generated by the shop is being used by the society to support a national “1-800” palliative care help line.

The Delta Hospice Society did not stop providing care in the Delta BC region. The BC government defunded them and expropriated their 10 bed hospice bed building. 

As the Delta Hospice Society reorganizes its focus in providing hospice care it established a 1-800 help line.

The DHS has expertise in providing end-of-life care. They will not permit the killing of any future clients by MAiD.

Editor’s note. This appeared in Mr. Alex Schadenberg’s blog and is reposted with permission. 

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